In Time For An Earth Day Response: Wal-Mart Goes Green?

Wal-Mart has a change of heart?

Yes, I know about Wal-Mart, indeed I had posted a few things I disliked abut the megachain that owns the rural half of the United States. I have a respect for the company (a respect gained when I saw how they made parking easier for handicapped people, at the cost of a few of their own parking spaces), that doesn’t reduce my dislike for them one bit.

Now Wal-Mart’s considering their own “Go Green” movement.

Thing is, even if this company does a half-arsed job, what they will do will spread out over the whole of North America and the world. Remember, we’re talking the 800 pound Gorilla effect: Even if all Wal-Mart does is dictate standards for reduced packaging, make the suppliers take the costs of the efforts and grab up the glory for itself the effects on packaging will spread out throughout the stores and into the homes.

I just hope they go as far as the press releases claim they will. I want to see self-sufficient Wal-Mart stores made from technology that spreads to self-sufficient homes. I want to see innovative packaging that’s sold wherever, not just in Wal-Mart stores. I’d like to see transportation advances make their way from Wal-Mart throughout the whole system.

In short, I’d like to see a positive revolution from this company. Not just an expansion of choices to communities where jobs no longer exist, not just cheaper stuff, all imported from China; but some benefits that extend their reach even to places where Wal-Mart cannot even think of establishing itself — and worldwide, as well.

For once, I’d like to think that that wasn’t too much to ask.


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