Sorry for the lack of postings…

But I’ve had something in my mind that has been wrapping laps around it. Not sure if I can post about it, to be honest.

Anyway, I do plan on posting soon. Hopefully about it, but if not I’ll find SOMETHING to post about.



Now Honestly, Do You Really Need The Republican Party…

…when the democrats are ever eager to do the Republican’s bidding?

Honestly, when your bill ends up being offered by the “loyal opposition” time and time again, why worry? Heck, you might want to lose a bit more so that your revolution goes faster with less opposition.

Let’s look at the present version of the bill and compare it to a prediction that I had made a few weeks before:

  • Health Insurance Becomes Mandatory. Yep. In The Bill. Complete with a fine for not being insured. It’s via a tax, so the government gets to know if you’re insured or not.
  • No Public Option. Of course not. We’ll have to get our citizen identity (didn’t that used to be a social security card?) from the private insurance companies. Co-ops are supposed to fit in here, but you know they’ll be small-scale and will probably be legislated into de facto nonexistence should they actually become a force.
  • No Laws Mandating Insurance Must Be Given. Supposedly mandatory coverage includes mandatory giving of coverage, plus limits on how wildly one can be charged. We’ll see if that stands up; watch the wording shift around.
  • Emergency Rooms and Other Urgent Care Places No Longer Legally Bound to Serve Whomever Comes In. Not yet. Give it a few years, when people start preferring to pay the 1-2K to the government to “self-insure” themselves.
  • Money From Homeland Security and Law Enforcement Will Help Out. Just like people arrested for pot insure that rapists and murderers go free (you honestly think the right want anything else?), be assured that eventually it will become a crime to be medically uninsured. Never mind the easiest thing to do would be Single Payer (or some variant thereof), Health Insurance Profits must be expanded, and those who don’t participate must be punished.
  • Medicaid and Medicare Will Be Privatized. Already Mitch Daniels is being talked up by Republican talkers as a possible Presidential Candidate in 2012. His claim to fame: Privatizing the Indiana Toll Road (and promising to toll a few other expressways in Indiana. Considering how long one can travel on Indiana Expressways between interchanges, it can actually be done much easier than in other states). He’s also privatized Medicare in the state, although it seems the only ones who know about it are the overworked former government employees (and those trying to get on who now find it impossible to do so). So already it’s been done on the state level somewhere, and the guy who did it has become a rising star in the Republican Party.
  • “Health Liability Insurance” Will Be Offered. Not yet, but someone’s already got the product prepared in all but release date for that eventuality. It, too, will allow the companies to reject the holder in case the person does something that pisses enough of the right people off.

The fact is I didn’t vote for the Democrats so they could cravenly cave in to every demand from the losers I voted against. I also didn’t vote for a guy who couldn’t turn his back on an audience or a camera claiming to shoot him for the television screen. I also didn’t vote to have my citizenship in The United States proven by some private company that I have to pay money to so they can have the privilege of saying that I indeed have fulfilled the responsibilities of being a citizen (i.e. having lined the pockets of certain private corporations so the rich can get their fair share of my money).

It’s not a situation which I like, and the fact that “public options” keep showing up on the bills only to get voted down by the slaves of the health insurance companies shows that at least a few folks still try to represent the people.

…and Two Hours Later I Was Singing…

Admittedly I had said nothing about the Chicago Bid for The Olympics. I had no real opinion on it (other than a generalized dislike for it) and little thought about it. However, as the time came up there was all this sudden rush of highly connected people who “wanted the games in Chicago,” and I suddenly came up with reasons for not wanting the bid. Such as:

  • The speeding up of Gary’s collapse by clearing out another area for gentrification and honkification (let’s just say that when the high-rises were torn down up and down the Dan Ryan, Gary’s fall went from slow-but-sure to quick-and-relentless.).
  • The graft. Chicago’s famous for that, more so than its towers and other things.
  • Knowing that the city that’s unable to work anymore would be saddled by some responsibility that would usurp whatever responsibilities the city IS able to keep up with.
  • Knowing that the bastard now (and forever) in charge would have that feather in the cap that he so desires (as if a messed-up Soldier Field, an Intentionally Wrecked Meigs Airport Northerly Island, and the forever missing Lake Calumet Airport wasn’t enough. At least he has his Millenium Park to beam at).

So I finally sent some letter of support to the Rio crew, and a letter to the IOC saying (amongst other things) that Flint, Michigan would do a better job hosting the games than Chicago would.

Well….now that we ended up getting knocked out in the first round I have a couple thoughts (why have just one? If it were up to me, I’d split myself into multiples to as to have more thoughts…):

  • While I was happy for Chicago’s loss, I would have liked to have seen the city hold on a bit longer. Losing to Rio or Madrid would have been worthy, losing in the first round was a shocker.
  • The one thing the IOC wants to know is that the games will go on NO MATTER WHAT. All the graft, the overruns, the extra efforts worked on for the infrastucture (transit, expelling of bums and crime, housing, other issues) and the overload of tourists MUST be handled, and the IOC wants everything ready BEFORE the games begin. And knowing Chicago’s reputation for time overruns, the heavy debt and dropping services in Chicago, and the ugly state of things in the United States overall; it wouldn’t surprise me if they thought Chicago would never be able to do the Olympics. Remember these were the guys who pushed Athens’ turn at the Olympics from 1996 (century mark) to 2000 so that they’d do the Olympics “right” (which is how Atlanta got their bid in).
  • I wonder if the folks at the IOC heard all the people who opposed the Chicago Olympic Bid and figured that it’d be better for them to reject Chicago. After all, when most of the people in the City that’s supposed to be getting the bid tells you they don’t want you in town, one gets feeling mighty uncomfortable… especially when there’s other places that are known as welcoming.
  • Here’s a thought: since at least two of the leaders of the countries asking for the Olympics were planning to be at the final vote, Obama’s declaration that he had better things to do at home was probably seen as a blow-off to the Olympic Committee. Obama may have been told that he had better show up or the vote would have been 34 Madrid, 32 Rio, 28 Tokyo and 0 Chicago (interesting that the other city that had to cajole its leader to show up (Tokyo) was removed in the next round.)
  • Not getting the Olympics is nothing. There’s other, greater issues to be dealt with, and dealing with them (Like Health Care and Afghanistan) will make the Olympics issue Disappear.

So ends Chicago’s latest foray into foolishness. Hopefully the asshole that calls himself Mayor there will start falling, and soon.

Oct 4, 2009 Edit: Added in an extra point about the President’s earlier comments blowing off the Olympic Committe. Which would have been cool had he stuck by those guns.