I find it rather interesting that there’s suddenly so much debate on Gun Control, when people seem to be going out of their way to forget stuff. Founding Fathers quotes get thrown around as if they had everything figured out back then and we’ve only grown stupider since then (Rich Men as Gods? Who’d’ve thunk it?), criminals are posited as the sole source of wisdom, even if in reaction to them, and now I’m getting inundated with comments about SSRIs, The Media and of Conspiracy Theories.

First, let’s go over what’s happened:

  1. In Mid December the Illinois Supreme Court struck down the remaining State law in the United States banning “Conceal-and-Carry,” the freedom to carry armed guns around outside one’s home. This made “Conceal-and-Carry” the law of the land.
  2. Before this happened, there had been rumblings that the NRA wanted to make it illegal to ban guns from a house, church, school or hospital. Nothing major, of course (I’m sure the first thirty states to pass “Conceal-and-Carry” weren’t noticed), but one could already tell where they wanted to go next: Change the freedom to carry armed guns outside the home (freedoms being limited) to the RIGHT to carry armed guns wherever (rights being unlimited).
  3. Sandy Hook. Bad enough that there was a hurricane named “Sandy” that wreaked havoc in New York City and New Jersey – two Democratic states, the Republican Governor of New Jersey notwithstanding. Interesting that the right-wing conspiracy world blamed Obama with setting up something to fix the election when it seemed the path of the hurricane would have knocked out the Democratic Center of New York State (which could have turned NY Red in 2004, if my calculations are right).
  4. So now we have our debate: On the left, the need to limit “assault weapons” (Never mind that the 2nd Amendment was meant so that guns that kill PEOPLE are allowed into mainstream society. Nothing about sport, or hunting – it’s SOLELY about the ability to kill people. Hence the “Well Regulated Militia” reference – the government wanted to draw upon people who know what they were doing when it came to killing people), and on the right, the necessity of guns to be freely used on School, Hospital and Church grounds (thereby poisoning what remains of the public commons – why leave one’s house unless one has to if one feels unsafe when outside it?).

What do I expect from this? I expect the discussion over “controlling assault weapons” to go nowhere (except in keeping the pro-gun lobbies motivated and angry); and a year later you’ll start seeing states passing laws making it a FELONY to ban guns from hospitals, schools, churches and private residences. And while the Supreme Court refuses to revoke State Laws in support of gun-control regulations, they are also likely refuse to deem unconstitutional a law that makes it a FELONY to ban guns from hospitals, schools, churches and private residences. The Tenth Amendment will be used, however the only Amendment mentioned will be the Second Amendment – and that mention of that Amendment alone will end up changing many laws state-wise (thereby giving it the patina of public acceptance that is now given to Conceal-and Carry).

I say this because of a few things I’ve heard over the past few years:

  • When the Left talked about the legality of Health Care, they referenced three mandates from back in Washington’s day. Two of them, of course, had to do with health insurance of sailors, but the third one was a requirement that all free men of certain means had to arm themselves with heavy guns meant to kill people.
  • “The Trend Is Your Friend.” And since the trend over the past forty years has been for freer guns and more of them, I expect that the laws against banning their access to schools, hospitals, churches and private homes will pass. Not sure if the Brady Bill will be rescinded, but it may become moot anyway with a few more laws passed.
  • Who’s getting killed – Mostly Liberals, Leftists and their children. And as long as this low-level, undeclared war is going on, the Gun-lovers on the right will happily add more guns to the stew and give them more freedoms and rights.

And that’s all I have to say about it at the moment.