I’m Sensing Something VERY Odd About The Weinstein Affair

And so in the wake of the Las Vegas Massacre (58 dead, 500 plus injured when the Mainstream Media chose to put it focus elsewhere) we start hearing about how Harvey Weinstein acted as the gate keeper for ambitious Hollywood Goddess wannabees – by subjecting them to sexual abuse and, for those whose ambitions proved shaky (by not welcoming his advances greedily enough), turning them into rejects of Hollywood. All the while cranking out some of the best movies that had no real link to the Marvel Superhero Universe over the past twenty-five years.

I want to know what’s going on, as something doesn’t quite add up.

I’m not quite willing to chalk up this as the changing ethos of the American society. After all, we still forgive all if the person is successful enough in what we want them to be successful in to be worth forgiving – and the sins are forgiveness-worthy. Woody Allen is still a welcome force in Cinema despite being accused of doing the one sin now deemed patently unforgivable – partly because Woody did his penance (Yes, marrying adopted daughter Soon Yi is penance) and partly because he started putting out good movies once again (before being accused of abusing Soon Yi and Dylan, he put out some abysmal films that even art houses did not like).

Hollywood mogels have been known as lecherous bastards who, because they controlled the entry gates to the silver screen they could – and often did – extract their price in sexual pleasure from many women, many of whom would maybe get a couple of shots as unnamed support actors in a few films and fade into the background of Los Angeles (or become early episode fallout in reality shows). It’s a low-risk, high-payoff activity as long as things were going well, and generations of high-level letchers benefitted, being forcefuly made to step aside only when the business models changed enough to cause the old men, proving unable to change with the times, to be replaced with newer, younger men who seemed pre-adapted to the new reality.

Which leads to the obvious question: Was Harvey Weinstein losing his touch? Twenty-five years is enough time to burn through a man’s peak performance period (our physical peaks happen in their mid-twenties, observation, skills and practice more than compensates for loss of sheer talent for a long, long time after that in most fields), and at the age of 65 it’s obvious that the guy is probably on the downward slope of his career (yes I’m being ageist, but aging DOES have its effects and there’s only so much you can do to fight back). I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that he could have gone out in a blaze of glory – and turned all those tales of enforced sexual debauchery now staining him into a footnote for a tell-all book to be written six months after his death, IF they were to be told at all – if he had just decided to retire over a period of a few years starting a couple years ago. It IS kinda interesting that, starting with 2013 the movies that he was the Executive Producer start getting more obscure and less successful, with The Hateful Eight probably his best known movie after that.

The next question that comes to my mind is: What else did Harvey Weinstein do to give others a reason/an excuse to push him aside? Bill Cosby went on a crusade in favor of morals and families in the black community, and while his flaw was more egregious than most (Really, Bill, did you REALLY NEED to knock those women out to have sex with them – especially when many of them were ready and willing to GIVE themselves to you?) I can’t help but think that a large portion of America doesn’t mind Black America in the state that it’s presently in (Bill Clinton in office: “What are they going to do? Vote Republican?”) and that Bill Cosby paid for THAT. Similarly, Mel Gibson may have gone off the deep end by identifying with Opus Dei to an extreme, but before that he funded, cast and shot The Passion Of The Christ, probably the most audacious film in the 2000s so far, and there was a need to keep things the way they were – so by saying the man who made the movie was a nut, Hollywood could continue with its secular, quasi-libertarian agenda.

Thing is, there wasn’t any major thing going on – unless you consider his support for Hillary. With a sizeable group of people on the Republican/Libertarian/Religious Conservative side of the nation not ready to let things lie, the idea of tarring the left with an obviously criminal/immoral stroke is irresistable. Not only do they get to signal their morality to themselves by pointing to the other and highlighting the vulnerabilities on the other side (I actually like hypocricy up to a certain point – after all, as François de La Rochefoucauld said, “L’hypocrisie est un hommage que le vice rend à la vertu. (Hypocrisy is a tribute vice pays to virtue.).”). After all, if you’re making yourself out to be the paragon of virtue, it does not make sense to keep company with folks who make a mockery of those virtues you raise highest.

There’s also the issue of Hollywood beginning to fall apart. Sure people are going to films the world over, but there’s a difference between a film that can make it in America alone and a film that has to translate to a Chinese people who understand the action better than the nuances of American Culture (and a Chinese Government that knows what it wants and is in a position to dictate it to others). Those billion dollar grossing films Hollywood makes doesn’t give them the freedom to do what it desires, but instead forces them to fit their films within the markets that give them their money.

One way to tell this is to see how many movies hit upon Tibet. For a while in the late nineties and early oughts there were plenty of movies that hit upon what happened to Tibet, the biggest ones being Tenzien and Seven Years In Tibet. But now…you’re not going to see movies involving Tibet, as you’d have to depict Tibet in such a dark light that the Communists from China would have their stars on their uniforms SHINING PURE LIGHT. (Now granted, given how society was during the last years before the invasion it would actually make sense, but still…)

There’s also the issue of an artistic industry which has become unable to do anything other than refer to the past. Used to be Hollywood could take stand-alone stuff and translate them into movies – bestselling books, songs, band movies, even their own written creations. Such was the power of Hollywood that, when a certain ambitious filmmaker wanted to do a Buck Rogers film, he was told “no” and had to rewrite it so that it passed muster as a creative film. That that film went on to create its own world – both in ours, and separate from it – tells you the strength of Hollywood in the seventies, even with Television lapping at its heels.

Now…everything has to be a sequel of another film (or they spawn sequels by necessity) or they are soon forgotten. Add to that the fact that the Marvel universe seems to have grown to the point of owning theaters when their movies come out, and one can see the problem Hollywood is up against when the Superhero bubble pops – and I expect it to do so soon.

In other words, Hollywood is weak and vulnerable. And Harvey Weinstein, long an icon, seemed to have been chosen to be the sacrificial lamb in Hollywood’s attempt to regain its status as a welcome creator of the arts – an attempt that seems to have failed as others are now falling under the kleig lights of the campaign against Hollywood Serial Rapists (Including Kevin Spacey, whose reason for not doing the nasty with the girl in American Beauty seems to be that the girl proved INDEED to be a girl).

Very interesting watching everything going on around us. However, while the perversions of Hollywood power seems to be finally coming to light, never forget that these perversions were sewn into the fabric of Hollywood.

In short – while the perversions of Weinstein, Spacey, et.al. are necessary, they’re not necessarily sufficient. There’s crimes other than the unremitting exploitation of the vulnerable that are bringing these people down, with those crimes being used…not so much as an excuse, but as a justification. ‘Tis better to look like you’re cleaning out the dirt rather than ungratefully kicking out an important man (and to think there used to be retirement requirements on higher offices – to insure that stuff like what happened to Weinstein didn’t necessarily need to happen).


Trump, So Far.

One hundred thirty plus days since Trump has taken over office, and what do we have?

  • The man has evidenced a preference for dictators over democratically elected officials. Between tweeting Erdogan congratulations for consolidating his power, a generally friendly view towards Putin and his ambitions and telling The Saudis they would never lecture allies only to turn around and lecture Europe on NATO, Trump has evidenced a bias towards dictatorships which seems very much in line with what a corporate leader would like within their companies.
  • There has been plenty of things which Trump has promised for this first 100 days which has never really come about. About the only thing he has really done is pushed a replacement for Scalia which would make Scalia look like a doctrinal leftist – and with the other people on the court looking like they’re ready to retire, it’s likely that Trump could remake the court in such a way as to irreversibly change the nation.
  • There’s been a few elections for offices of national or state wide import, and while it seems the Democrats are coming close (or forcing the right-wing fundraisers to spend lots of their money) I fear that my impression is that of the Republicans playing the Democrats, wearing them down and burning them out before putting forth the REAL forces upon a wearied, disillusioned opposition.
  • As the left keeps walking out in protest against the alt-right neo-nazi puppets, the right-wing conspiracy is beginning to feel its oats. Between the free-lancing foot soldiers, the Police forces now freely flying thin blue line stickers and flags and the lower levels of Government services (hence the Deep State being frozen in the inability to act against the obvious threat), one could easily deduce that Democracy has been destroyed – and while the history books of the future will declare that Democracy Destroyed Itself all the machinations which made this happen – the electoral college that biases towards smaller states, the concentration of Lefties and other Democrats into fewer and fewer states, the breaking of the right to vote via active laws and computerized voting (right down to the ability to make every choice count for less or more than one vote, depending on the bias of the programmer), and even the uniting of various groups (like the neo-nazi groups, the police and the armed forces mentioned above) are still out there, happy to act with the imputing that having a designated scapegoat gives.
  • And the left – some aspects are desperately trying to resurrect Mme. Clinton by labeling everyone who voted against her as racist pigs (Meaning what – that Barak Obama was an Irish Jew (Baruch O’Bama?) acting in deep blackface?) to saying the Russians fixed the Election for Trump (let me guess: they had access to the voting machines?) and by trying to browbeat the remaining supporters of Bernie Sanders into being slavish supporters of Hillary. Probably the worst thing about this is that many of Hillary’s supporters like to say that Bernie would have lost the election as well – thereby making Trump out as our inevitable president, owning his mandate by dint of the inability of the Democrats to come up with a candidate that could beat him (implicit in this is the fact that many of Mme. Clinton’s supporters would have readily sat out the election instead of vote for Mr. Sanders – a threat proven false by the simple fact that the phrase “President McCain” has never been said by anyone not reading right-wing pulp fantasy fiction from 2008-2009).
    Other aspects of the left keep telling people why they COULDN’T support Mme. Clinton; sadly they’re shouting into a wind tunnel at full blast.
  • And probably the worst thing about the whole thing is this: Everyone on both sides of the political “divide” wants a dictatorship, the only difference being on who’s terms the dictatorship exists.

One can say that it’s a blessing that Trump was a lone nut running on his own instead of an Adolph Hitler with a group of trusted advisors and millions of foot soldiers ready to lay down the law and place themselves into positions of power and responsibility. That’s true, but more to the point the army hasn’t been united yet – and barring a sudden movement by “The Deep State” (and I’d be VERY careful about wishing that) Trump and his hanger-ons have 18-42 months to organize what’s out there. And if there’s anything that Trump is good at, it’s bootlegging things out of nothing to his advantage.

Trump may not have wanted to be President, but once he saw the writing on the wall he ran hard while Hillary sat back and hid her pneumonia from the public, thinking that she had 70% of the vote in her pocket (With White Men being the 30% who had no choice but to vote for Trump). And while Trump isn’t necessarily strictly following the Neocon/Neolib line that Ronald “(the PATCO workers) have forfeited their jobs” Reagan and Margaret “There Is No Alternative” Thatcher laid out in the Early Eighties, that doesn’t mean what he’s doing is any better. As I said (with a correction for clarity), back at the beginning of this year:

Not every choice is going to be between something bad and something good, or something good and something better – sometimes we’re talking about two or three bad choices, and those are the best choices out there. Sometimes life is like that, and sometimes it doesn’t even give you a choice – “take this reduction in your life, and nobody will care if you [learn to] like it[.]”

Fact is, whatever is Neocon/Neolib in Trump is bad, and what is NOT that appears to be worse. It’s why I refused to dance on the grave of 2016 – things worldwide have not improved, or even leveled off; but instead have taken their time to get worse.

Attraction Science – A Thought Experiment

Let’s start with the idea that your thoughts are things that act upon the universe and cause things to happen – over time, and with the purity with which you bring the thoughts upon the universe. Simple Attraction Science stuff, uncontroversial and universally agreed to (if oddly questionable).

Now, let’s agree that EVERYONE is doing it, from you and I to the bum on the street to the person aching to yell at the wayward drivers on the road to the restaurant owner to the suits and skirts running the C?O offices downtown. Again simple Attraction Science stuff, although it seems that your average practitioner seems to think (s)he’s the only one doing anything along these lines when they practice it.

Now here’s where things get a bit dicey for your average Attraction Science believer/practitioner:Read More »

On Fasting

I remember reading a bullet point in a Free Press feature where someone pointed out that many animals go on average of about one day a week without food. It may not have been true (I doubt that animals have any sort of knowledge of a 7-day week), there was the definite impression in my mind that the occasional day without food wasn’t outside the realm of experience.

Forty-five years (or so) later, circumstances and a dissatisfaction with my weight led me to try the idea of the occasional fast starting in November. And while I can’t say I’ve done a full fast (outside of the day I did a juice/broth fast and clense before a colonoscopy) I’ve found it to be quite a bit easier than I would have thought, with some intriguing outcomes to boot:

  • The appetite adjusts. You don’t follow a fast day by gorging on sugars, bad carbs and cheap meats unless you intentionally do so, so going the day without eating (or eating a reduced amount of money, which most people suggesting fasting actually mean) actually translates to a drop in calories. Over time, it leads to:
  • You can lose weight. While one day a week of fasting (reduced eating or eating nothing) doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to lose weight, two days a week can be enough to start burning fats – especially if you exercise on the other days (Exercise doesn’t burn off calories so much as it forces the body to shift how the weight is held. Muscle, however, burns energy more efficiently than fats, so there is a long-term effect.).
  • You gain a mastery over food. While one can take this too far (as is true with everything, I must add), there is something to being able to go without constantly thinking about, looking for or eating food that is as freeing as being able to go without drinking alcohol, sex, porn, or buying the newest music/movie/game.
  • There may be other benefits, health and otherwise. While one may believe that fasting was invented after a couple of bad harvests and has had a bunch of justifications tacked on it, there have also been reported benefits to blood pressure, cholesterol levels, insulin sensitivity and even the rebuilding of white blood cells. I’ve also heard from many with religious and spiritual tendencies that fasting has spiritual benefits.

Now granted, I must say that if you CAN’T fast, don’t. Between Diabetes and people having had problems with starving themselves, there are plenty of people who just shouldn’t fast. And it’s a good idea to limit the fasting itself –

I’m a believer in the 2-5 diet (two days fast, five days normal eating); that way every fast day is surrounded by food days. There are other diets that suggest more days for fasting, but I wouldn’t suggest anything more than twice a week. Even one day a week (Friday is a good a day as any) is a good practice, as regularity is a good help.

Pizzagate – A Darkly Alternative View:

Everyone knows the story – A pizza place that tried to support Hillary Clinton for President was found to be a center point of a nationwide pedophile network, complete with photos and paintingsor not, depending on whom you talk to. It even got to the point where someone walked around with a machine gun openly within the place – and when he didn’t find what he was looking for, he ended up being pasted as part of the international illuminati conspiracy.

Anyway, here’s a theory that’s been knocking around my head for a bit. It’s quite dark, but here it goes…Read More »

First Time as Tragedy, Second Time as Farce

Hegel remarks somewhere that all great world-historic facts and personages appear, so to speak, twice. He forgot to add: the first time as tragedy, the second time as farce.

– Karl Marx, Der 18te Brumaire des Louis Napoleon

I chatted with a woman who lived through WWII in Lithuania, and she said that Trump reminded her VERY much of Adolph Hitler, complete with the “popular vote” (The National Socialists only got 40% of the votes the one time they asked people if they liked them – and this, after they had taken power and with a wildly unbalanced, biased ballot) and lots of people rapturously in love with him. In short, she saw what had happened and what was happening to the people.

She is very pessimistic about the USA’s future and for good reason – she sees the same stuff happening here that happened there, and unlike with Germany (where three armies had massed and were ready to sweep down on The Fatherland) there’s no nearby armies or obvious invasion point where an opposing army could sweep through and stop the madness (even if a bit late for many people, as it was in Germany). Add to the fact that her home nation is presently being threatened by Russia again, and she feels very stuck, alone and vulnerable where she lives – and too old to do anything vital, to boot.

Read More »

Update on South Shore Line Expansion

It’s been a while since I posted on the possibility of South Shore Expansion – mainly because it ended up being a nonissue (Valparaiso didn’t want any commuter trains coming to them to begin with, and in the end it seemed that the expansion was looked at out of duty instead of actual desire and forward planning), my enthusiasm for the project nonwithstanding. However, there are plans afoot and it looks like they’re serious for once.

To start with, though, we’re talking about a smaller footprint – nearly a Stub line in many ways, as the plan only goes so far as the Dyer-Munster city limits. I would have thought they would have wanted to at least go as far as to the Dyer Amtrak station and turn that into a true stop instead of what has to be seen now as a glorified Amshack (it is nice, but since there’s no ticketing and the station is used but twice a day…), but it appears that future plans for the West Lake line involve a station closer to US 30 in Dyer itself, and a station at the present Dyer Amtrak station would probably cause problems – especially once commuter-based development starts near the station, wherever it may be placed. Maybe they could move the Dyer Amtrak station where the South Shore Station is when the South Shore is finally extended south from the Dyer-Munster border.

How serious is this?Read More »

A Conspiracy Theory – From the Economic Side

While I don’t make a point of embracing Conspiracy Theories, I’m not about to say Conspiracies do not exist. After all, even if you limit the structure to units of three (one leader, two followers who lead their own unit of three down to the level of direct action – an idea taken from Heinlien in “The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress”) you can cover a lot of ground with organization and structure (with the action twenty levels down, you have one supreme leader leading a ground “army” of 524,288 with actions that can aid the whole, be tailor-made to the specific locale where the actions happen and give plenty of cover to the middle levels. Expand the number of followers who lead their own group in the model, and you get greater reach with fewer levels, plus the ability to act and react quickly – units of eight would bring about 823,543 foot soldiers at the eighth level of organization, giving the on-ground units the strength and ability to react on the fly and still giving cover of sorts to the middle levels.). All you need is one guy who knows what he wants to do, people in sympathy with his wishes in the two levels below him and the ability to insure that actions are taken on at the lowest levels without the ability to link to the top.

So, having bored you with that aside, let me put forth a Conspiracy theory that seems, to me, to make more sense than many others I’ve heard:Read More »

On 2016

Yeah, I know about the deaths, the votes that point to much smaller worlds under the rule of corporations, the signs that we have passed peak cellphone (exploding Samsung S7s, iPhones (and all things Apple) with fewer holes than necessary), the troubles my friends have suffered (from wildfires in Tennessee to financial issues that take their sweet time to tighten the screws), and the fact that These United States are actually two nations, each nation dreaming of subjugating the other (If I was a betting man my money would be on the Rednecks, as they have the guns and know how to use them. The Urban Elites only use Proxies, and proxies can always turncoat without remorse.).

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