Trump, So Far.

One hundred thirty plus days since Trump has taken over office, and what do we have?

  • The man has evidenced a preference for dictators over democratically elected officials. Between tweeting Erdogan congratulations for consolidating his power, a generally friendly view towards Putin and his ambitions and telling The Saudis they would never lecture allies only to turn around and lecture Europe on NATO, Trump has evidenced a bias towards dictatorships which seems very much in line with what a corporate leader would like within their companies.
  • There has been plenty of things which Trump has promised for this first 100 days which has never really come about. About the only thing he has really done is pushed a replacement for Scalia which would make Scalia look like a doctrinal leftist – and with the other people on the court looking like they’re ready to retire, it’s likely that Trump could remake the court in such a way as to irreversibly change the nation.
  • There’s been a few elections for offices of national or state wide import, and while it seems the Democrats are coming close (or forcing the right-wing fundraisers to spend lots of their money) I fear that my impression is that of the Republicans playing the Democrats, wearing them down and burning them out before putting forth the REAL forces upon a wearied, disillusioned opposition.
  • As the left keeps walking out in protest against the alt-right neo-nazi puppets, the right-wing conspiracy is beginning to feel its oats. Between the free-lancing foot soldiers, the Police forces now freely flying thin blue line stickers and flags and the lower levels of Government services (hence the Deep State being frozen in the inability to act against the obvious threat), one could easily deduce that Democracy has been destroyed – and while the history books of the future will declare that Democracy Destroyed Itself all the machinations which made this happen – the electoral college that biases towards smaller states, the concentration of Lefties and other Democrats into fewer and fewer states, the breaking of the right to vote via active laws and computerized voting (right down to the ability to make every choice count for less or more than one vote, depending on the bias of the programmer), and even the uniting of various groups (like the neo-nazi groups, the police and the armed forces mentioned above) are still out there, happy to act with the imputing that having a designated scapegoat gives.
  • And the left – some aspects are desperately trying to resurrect Mme. Clinton by labeling everyone who voted against her as racist pigs (Meaning what – that Barak Obama was an Irish Jew (Baruch O’Bama?) acting in deep blackface?) to saying the Russians fixed the Election for Trump (let me guess: they had access to the voting machines?) and by trying to browbeat the remaining supporters of Bernie Sanders into being slavish supporters of Hillary. Probably the worst thing about this is that many of Hillary’s supporters like to say that Bernie would have lost the election as well – thereby making Trump out as our inevitable president, owning his mandate by dint of the inability of the Democrats to come up with a candidate that could beat him (implicit in this is the fact that many of Mme. Clinton’s supporters would have readily sat out the election instead of vote for Mr. Sanders – a threat proven false by the simple fact that the phrase “President McCain” has never been said by anyone not reading right-wing pulp fantasy fiction from 2008-2009).
    Other aspects of the left keep telling people why they COULDN’T support Mme. Clinton; sadly they’re shouting into a wind tunnel at full blast.
  • And probably the worst thing about the whole thing is this: Everyone on both sides of the political “divide” wants a dictatorship, the only difference being on who’s terms the dictatorship exists.

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