Were We Set Up For The Obama Presidency?

Here’s a thought: ever think that Hollywood, as part of the establishment, sets people up for certain expectations? So that when things go the way they’re expected to go, people sort of go along…since that’s what they’ve seen in the movies, in some way?

I ask this because we have an interesting setup of portrayal of black presidents presiding over disasters and frightening times

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

First, we have Morgan Freeman from Deep Impact, a movie about the threatened End Of The World from asteroid impact. That Morgan Freeman plays the part with enough gravitas and power to make it believable, but still that final scene where he’s speaking in front of a wrecked White House is hard to escape.

Next, we have David and Wayne Palmer on “24,” a Fox TV show that shows the US in a continuous war against terrorism, a war so all-engulfing and continuous that one could pick out one person and show him doing the occasional fight against repeating impending Armageddon over various 24 hour periods.

The next person on the list is President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho, a former porn star and champion wrestler, on Idiocracy. Basically the stereotypical “last possible person” in a movie where people have become so lame and LCD-fixated that ONLY the worst of the worst could become president.

And finally, in 2009 (granted, after Obama became president, but with the way movies are made today it was probably cast before Obama even thought about running) we get the movie 2012, where the whole world falls apart. We even get to see the president swallowed up by a massive wave.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Five black presidents. One presiding over an Apocalypse, one presiding over a threatened apocalypse, two presiding during times of continuous threatened Apocalypses, and one who the stupidest of the stupid in a stupid era (Idiocracy, for those who need to be reminded).

And what has the experience been under the Black President? How about a health bill that has made the Health Insurance Industry into the guardians of American Citizenship, Social Security being made expendable (that’s what the break on Social Security taxes implies – That Social Security is no longer sacred and can be conceived as destroyable), the idea that the FAA is no longer necessary (no taxes, therefore no need for the agency) and that it’s entirely possible for the whole system to be run at the behest (and at the mercy) of the economic forces.

Five fictional black presidents. Five visions of chaos, either immanent or active. Lots of pain going around.

One Black President. A massive rightward shift that even Tea Party types couldn’t have conceived of (yet have been given the luxury of opposing in the name of the rich and vindictive whom they worship). Lots of pain going around.

Were we set up?