About Me

About This Blog Itself

I’ve been blogging since 2005 off and on (occasionally fully off), and what I’ve been watching seems to have changed. Right now, it seems that I’m looking more at the shadows than at where the Super Trouper lights are shined at.

Look closely enough at the shadows and shades and you end up finding out that things are nothing like they seem. There’s misdirections, subterfuge, and people out there trying to make you believe what they want you to believe (not what they believe…there is a difference). These things tend to go in patterns, and every time something happens something else comes up.

As an example: Whenever the issue of teachers and their worth pops up (like, say, news about a strike by the Chicago Teacher’s Union in response to years of union busting by the Chicago School District) you suddenly notice the appearance of the daily “Hot Young (or not so young) Teacher Seduces Her Male Student(s)” over in FARK. It’s interesting to notice, but at some point you have to look at the appearance of this trope, look at the news and wonder JUST WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON.

Another Example: Romney says “I like being able to fire my providers.” Everyone goes bat-shit over that line, from the Democrats and Republican opponents shouting it over the air as if it were the declaration of Romney as The Antichrist(tm) to the myriad news programs showing that the line was taken out of context. Meanwhile everyone misses the true line of import: “I want everyone to have THEIR OWN INSURANCE.

I try to do that. That means I’m likely to miss talking about some subject when it is hot on the internet. So be it, I’ve tried doing the daily thing (and may yet do so again), and prefer to sit back, think things through and MAYBE show something that everyone’s overlooking.

Hence the present version of the blog I’ve been doing since 2005, under various names.


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