Welcome to 2018 – If 2018 Will Have You

An Odd Bit Of Background:

Early in 2016 I had a dream in which I was getting ready to move into a house which was made with high-tech materials which were supposed to hold up to everything. Unfortunately the materials couldn’t hold up to each other, and the house started falling apart almost from the beginning – even as efforts were being made to keep it up. Eventually I had to tell the workers to stop working on what was left of the building, and what remained quickly collapsed onto the ground. A horrific enough dream, with an easily understood meaning (which came true almost immediately).

The dream continued, however, and I then looked off into the valley below, where a city had grown with all sorts of buildings and amenities visible and hidden to the eye. I don’t remember the exact comment I made, but it was something about the stuff below falling apart (maybe a wish for it not to? I don’t remember), but right after I made the statement things started falling apart. Buildings fell, transit systems mafunctioned, vehicles crashed into each other – just EVERYTHING that could go wrong seemed to suddenly WANT to go wrong, and in the worst possible way.

And while I woke up after a few things fell apart, I wouldn’t be surprised to have watched things collapse, fall apart or otherwise get destroyed for as long as I was sleeping.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – –

On Myself:

Now, the dream is nearly two years old (as of the publication date of this blog entry), but in telling me what to look for and (in code) what will happen, it’s still the clearest guide I’ve had in a long time. It told me that my life was about to fall apart in some ways, and it did so. It also told me that the world was about to fall apart as well – and while I was to fix my life, I was to watch the world as its wreckage grew.

I have made my efforts to fix myself (as I said last year, for the first time ever I could say I was an adult instead of acted like one for a small bit), although I keep finding stuff and wouldn’t be surprised if there were limits to my developing of virtue/destroying of vice. Especially at the age of 52 going on 53, with more of my life behind me than ahead of me.

Looking Outward:

As for the outside world, we’re talking about some MAJOR issues. There was a lot of fighting going on to protect certain sacred cows, but it appears that Presidente-For-Life Trump won the two most important things he and his allies were fighting for (I don’t expect him to retire from office. Whether he dies in two days or twenty-and-two years, he’ll die as active president, the 25th amendment be damned.) – a Tax Code made to insure that money flows solely to the rich and to corporations (citizens – note that we’re not talking of people, but corporations as citizens and therefore as having rights), and the right of Corporations to dictate what we see in the internet. Anything and everything else is moot, as the system has been fully set up.

There’s plenty of other things going on in the outside world as well. Between Fox and Sinclair Broadcasting, radical conservative broadcasting looks to have a stranglehold on the American Broadcast Television market. The telecoms have been working to insure that they have the right to control what gets looked at online – indeed, at this moment one has to wonder why they’re not freely dictating what’s seen and not seen (of course, this may have already started. I’ve noticed troubles downloading Verizon-owned Yahoo! Mail onto my T-Mobile cellphone, wonder if this is the beginning.).

I won’t comment on the TV thing, except to note that, like the tax law commented on above, this has been forty years in the making. These people have been playing the long game, and the fruits of their plans are JUST beginning to ripen.

On Hollywood Finally Being Forced To Get Its Act Together:

Speaking of the Mainstream Media (Television and movies mainly, although it’s extended to radio and politics, to varying degrees of success), the Sexual Abuse of women has finally become an offense worthy of wiping someone off of the face of the entertainment world. Starting with the bizarre spectacle of Bill Cosby being outed as a guy who could only get it up when the female was literally out of it, the movement against molesters suddenly gained steam as men who were in actual positions of power and glory got knocked down off their perches. Starting with Harvey Weinstein and his cavalcade of victims, we get Kevin Spacey being outed as having a thing for BOYS, Louis CK getting destroyed for HIS habits, Garrison Keillor wiped off the face of the earth (Did you know there WAS a show named A Prairie Home Companion?) and politicians from Al Franken to Roy Moore either resigning their seat or losing elections in places they should have cakewalked to victory in. We even got stories on the width of Roman Polanski’s lustings over teenage girls (let’s just say Samantha wasn’t the first nor the youngest, just the person who spoke up and was believed).

Maybe it was the fact that many of the men being outed and tossed out of the Entertainment and Political world were old enough to have been retired in an earlier, “less progressive” time. Surely they were offputting enough to have been cracked jokes about (as an example from across the pond, listen to people talk about Jimmy Savile in the ’90s, when people would joke about the then well-thought about guy).

On a more positive note, it’s possible that the old boy’s system is falling apart and is being replaced by women. After all, the top three movies in 2017 (Star Wars 8 – The Last Jedi, Wonder Woman and Beauty and The Beast) were Female-fronted movies, with Wonder Woman directed by a woman. It’s possible that, more than clearing away some dead weight, Hollywood may, after a decade of the rising power of its female stars, be ready to hand more and more power to women – and cleaning up its support and power structures in an effort (and part of the price paid) to do so.

Cyber Bullshit Rising:

Meanwhile one of the most anticipated movies to come down the pike is a movie titled “Ready Player One” – a movie where life in the real world is depicted as having gotten so bad that people escape to cyberspace to feel like they have any sort of agency; and CyberCurrency (BitCoin, LiteCoin, IOTA, etc.) has suddenly become the biggest thing in the internet since browsers could put images on the same page as text.

Now, the fact is I could do without Ready Player One, since we’re talking about a movie where escape from reality is treated as the primary right. Never mind the frightening ideas that come out of such a thought (Imagine an imaginary world so alluring that the real world can go to shit and you don’t care, Imagine a world so ugly and distasteful that an alternative cyber world is a necessity…); I can assure you that any power that can make your life on earth so hellish that you give up all hope of improvement within the real world will also be able to make life in the escape world so hellish that you wish you could find your way back to the real world. That’s the thing about absolute power – it brooks no limitations on the pain and suffering of those under its boot, backing off only when it’s amused enough to merely watch for the moment.

As for CyberCurrency, it scares me to death. You think a bunch of old guys whose sole reason for their power is their control of money is bad, imagine a bunch of wired up geeks who know (and wish to learn) no concept of mercy, for whom a major source of pleasure is seeing how many people they can make lose their jobs FOREVER, whose emotional identifiers are arrogance and autistic separation from the people around them – imagine these geeks going around with control over your money. At least the old guys everyone calls Banksters understood human desires and were willing to give you the chance to become independent of them (or at least could deal with that possibility); the computer geeks of Silicon Valley have plans of taking absolute control over your being and giving you nothing – not even the concept of relief from pain and hopelessness – in return. And…whatever you may say about Gold, it is an item with a supply that is strictly limited – can you say that about cyber currencies? Remember, any Fiat Currency is limited only by the self-control of the person or persons in control of said currency – and that includes currences that are solely ones and zeroes, with the additional note that such currencies can disappear without a trace or a thought (you have to work to make an real-world fiat currency become worth nothing once it takes on a steady worth.)

Implosions Possibly Happening Now:

Speaking of things that should not be, this year has seen the beginnings of the utter collapse of two items. Many folks will know about them, others will learn about it in due time.

The first implosion I see starting was Cook County (And Chicago, and possibly Illinois, with it), thanks to the attempted “Soda Tax.” foisted upon the county in desperate need for tax monies (in part because of a state-instituted shortfall in retirement monies), the short-lived tax caused such an uproar that the county was forced to rescend the taxes about two months after instituting them – and the collapse, I think, is nowhere near stopping.

One thing you must understand about living in urban areas – people have much less of a problem paying taxes in urban areas in part because they see them as part of the cost of living in an urban area. You want good libraries for you and the kids, you pay a library tax; you want good mass transit, you pay the Transit tax; you want good water wherever you go, you pay the Sewer bill, etc. As long as the taxes aren’t TOO onerous or arbitrary and the people understand where the money is going they’ll pay, and those who don’t want to pay move to Northwest Indiana and enjoy the “Red-Headed Stepchild” status that northwest Indiana enjoys (Enjoy because it’s chosen. Again, those who live in NW Indiana know that services are crappier across the border from Illinois, but they live there anyway for reasons – and many of those reasons are indeed understandable, even once you strip out the bullshit that passes as news about Chicago.).

The Sodapop tax (actually sweetened beverage tax, as only water was untaxed and some places went so far as to tax THAT alongside everything – that’s how organized the opposition to the tax was amongst the corporations being gifted a cause in which they could play the good guys for once) broke those rules – especially once it became known that SNAP recipients could not be taxed for buying pop. Once that favoritism was thrown into the mix, it became a matter of time until the tax was doomed – and the moment we learned that what was expected to bring in $5 million/month had only brought in $300,000 in that same time (implying losses of other taxes from grocery shoppers translating into a likely loss in overall tax revenue) insured that the tax was doomed.

And the thing is, I’m sure many people who had gone to the extemes of going to Elgin or Hammond (a Walmart just over the Illinois border, natch) or even all the way to Kenosha, Wisconsin, found themselves rethinking their love of Chicago. After all, if there’s no logic to the taxation, the state can’t even make its bills, if the state has its local and county-wide safety nets destroyed and its governments forced to embrace cruelty towards those in need (which I’m sure Rauner is counting as his proudest action at the moment – if you can’t celebrate your successes, why not celebrate your enemy’s failures and losses?); why not move elsewhere? Do you REALLY need mass transit, or a store within three blocks of you when you can drive to the town’s Walmart and stock up for the next two weeks? Do you really need to care about the local poor when you can insure that your larder can last for a month?

The second implosion I saw starting this year is of The Apple Corporation.

Think of it: You know something’s going wrong with a certain item, but nobody seems willing to take you seriously. They either look at you funny, or give you “logical explanations” for what you’re experiencing, and either way making you feel stupid for even bringing the item up. And then, suddenly –


An instance of what you’ve been talking about has been admitted to, and suddenly everyone must take you – and your dismissals of ALL their points, across the whole time range you’ve been arguing your points – seriously.

That is what happened to a lot of iPhone users who had been complaining for years about the company slowing things down with new iOS updates that happened to come when a new iPhone came out when it was discovered that Apple had put in some battery management programming to insure that phones with worn-down batteries could continue to run under cases of heightened demand. Never mind [a whole bunch of logical reasons I had put here but decided to remove for brevity and honesty purposes]; since Apple has been proven to have slowed down their phones on this one occasion, they must be guilty of having done so since the first iPhone.

Mind you, Apple is a company that once was known for doing things RIGHT and, to be honest, has been living off of that reputation for too long; so in a way SOMETHING was bound to come up. And even if their actions are justified (as I think they are in this case), we’re talking about a situation where a whole mess of wrong – true, false, or mythical – has finally been confirmed as truth. And while Apple has plenty of money and is still profitable, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that the company has become a zombie corporation in ten years time, with nobody buying their stuff and “venture capitalists” strip-mining the cash hoards for their stakeholders.

Implosions Happening Sometime In The Future (so far as I can see):

As for a lot of other institutions, there’s lots of bloat and ballooning going around. Higher Education, Medical, Lawyering, even many of the so-called STEM disciplines – every one of them is bloated at the top and is quite happy to cut out the meat of their businesses, sure that the boys in Silicon Valley will come in with “better, stronger, more sustainable, more robust, cheaper, more easily kept up” solutions – and for some reason keep redefining all the definitions to justify their cutting. Professors are replaced with “Adjucts” who are de facto stand-ins for the computerized learning gets stuffed into universities for the same excessive costs, Medicine costs rise as service drops and people come to fear going to the doctor, Law Schools pump out multiples of the number of lawyers actually needed, music goes from an art worked out by people to a mechanical science worked through computer algorhythms and auto-tune.

And if you think poets, painters and pianists will be left alone, I suggest you check out AlphaGo and AlphaZero – If they can shake up both the Go and the Chess worlds after a limited amount of self-learning, I’d hate to see them set upon the idea of poetry and novel-writing. They could easily destroy whole areas of human activity, if the nerds of Silicon Valley decided to do so.

In short, there’s a whole lot of stuff that desperately needs to be destroyed – and the folks in power are destroying EVERYTHING ELSE.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Not very positive, is it?

Well, that was the vision of the future I was given, and unless and until I recieve a different vision of the future coming, I’m sticking with it. Doesn’t mean I’m not looking nor that I’m without hope, just means I haven’t seen it yet.

The simple fact is, I’m not about to let myself be brightsided. Indeed, I’m beginning to think about putting up a page on this that would list all of America’s favorite saying that I would proceed to demolish. That may be another posting, but know that there are plenty of phrases NOT stated by Nietzche that are as stupid as the Nietzchian bromides that keep getting shoved up my ears whenever someone wants me to ignore what’s going on.

Hopefully this year goes better. I’ll be watching, don’t you doubt that.


I’m Sensing Something VERY Odd About The Weinstein Affair

And so in the wake of the Las Vegas Massacre (58 dead, 500 plus injured when the Mainstream Media chose to put it focus elsewhere) we start hearing about how Harvey Weinstein acted as the gate keeper for ambitious Hollywood Goddess wannabees – by subjecting them to sexual abuse and, for those whose ambitions proved shaky (by not welcoming his advances greedily enough), turning them into rejects of Hollywood. All the while cranking out some of the best movies that had no real link to the Marvel Superhero Universe over the past twenty-five years.

I want to know what’s going on, as something doesn’t quite add up.

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Trump, So Far.

One hundred thirty plus days since Trump has taken over office, and what do we have?

  • The man has evidenced a preference for dictators over democratically elected officials. Between tweeting Erdogan congratulations for consolidating his power, a generally friendly view towards Putin and his ambitions and telling The Saudis they would never lecture allies only to turn around and lecture Europe on NATO, Trump has evidenced a bias towards dictatorships which seems very much in line with what a corporate leader would like within their companies.
  • There has been plenty of things which Trump has promised for this first 100 days which has never really come about. About the only thing he has really done is pushed a replacement for Scalia which would make Scalia look like a doctrinal leftist – and with the other people on the court looking like they’re ready to retire, it’s likely that Trump could remake the court in such a way as to irreversibly change the nation.
  • There’s been a few elections for offices of national or state wide import, and while it seems the Democrats are coming close (or forcing the right-wing fundraisers to spend lots of their money) I fear that my impression is that of the Republicans playing the Democrats, wearing them down and burning them out before putting forth the REAL forces upon a wearied, disillusioned opposition.
  • As the left keeps walking out in protest against the alt-right neo-nazi puppets, the right-wing conspiracy is beginning to feel its oats. Between the free-lancing foot soldiers, the Police forces now freely flying thin blue line stickers and flags and the lower levels of Government services (hence the Deep State being frozen in the inability to act against the obvious threat), one could easily deduce that Democracy has been destroyed – and while the history books of the future will declare that Democracy Destroyed Itself all the machinations which made this happen – the electoral college that biases towards smaller states, the concentration of Lefties and other Democrats into fewer and fewer states, the breaking of the right to vote via active laws and computerized voting (right down to the ability to make every choice count for less or more than one vote, depending on the bias of the programmer), and even the uniting of various groups (like the neo-nazi groups, the police and the armed forces mentioned above) are still out there, happy to act with the imputing that having a designated scapegoat gives.
  • And the left – some aspects are desperately trying to resurrect Mme. Clinton by labeling everyone who voted against her as racist pigs (Meaning what – that Barak Obama was an Irish Jew (Baruch O’Bama?) acting in deep blackface?) to saying the Russians fixed the Election for Trump (let me guess: they had access to the voting machines?) and by trying to browbeat the remaining supporters of Bernie Sanders into being slavish supporters of Hillary. Probably the worst thing about this is that many of Hillary’s supporters like to say that Bernie would have lost the election as well – thereby making Trump out as our inevitable president, owning his mandate by dint of the inability of the Democrats to come up with a candidate that could beat him (implicit in this is the fact that many of Mme. Clinton’s supporters would have readily sat out the election instead of vote for Mr. Sanders – a threat proven false by the simple fact that the phrase “President McCain” has never been said by anyone not reading right-wing pulp fantasy fiction from 2008-2009).
    Other aspects of the left keep telling people why they COULDN’T support Mme. Clinton; sadly they’re shouting into a wind tunnel at full blast.
  • And probably the worst thing about the whole thing is this: Everyone on both sides of the political “divide” wants a dictatorship, the only difference being on who’s terms the dictatorship exists.

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Attraction Science – A Thought Experiment

Let’s start with the idea that your thoughts are things that act upon the universe and cause things to happen – over time, and with the purity with which you bring the thoughts upon the universe. Simple Attraction Science stuff, uncontroversial and universally agreed to (if oddly questionable).

Now, let’s agree that EVERYONE is doing it, from you and I to the bum on the street to the person aching to yell at the wayward drivers on the road to the restaurant owner to the suits and skirts running the C?O offices downtown. Again simple Attraction Science stuff, although it seems that your average practitioner seems to think (s)he’s the only one doing anything along these lines when they practice it.

Now here’s where things get a bit dicey for your average Attraction Science believer/practitioner:Read More »

On Fasting

I remember reading a bullet point in a Free Press feature where someone pointed out that many animals go on average of about one day a week without food. It may not have been true (I doubt that animals have any sort of knowledge of a 7-day week), there was the definite impression in my mind that the occasional day without food wasn’t outside the realm of experience.

Forty-five years (or so) later, circumstances and a dissatisfaction with my weight led me to try the idea of the occasional fast starting in November. And while I can’t say I’ve done a full fast (outside of the day I did a juice/broth fast and clense before a colonoscopy) I’ve found it to be quite a bit easier than I would have thought, with some intriguing outcomes to boot:

  • The appetite adjusts. You don’t follow a fast day by gorging on sugars, bad carbs and cheap meats unless you intentionally do so, so going the day without eating (or eating a reduced amount of money, which most people suggesting fasting actually mean) actually translates to a drop in calories. Over time, it leads to:
  • You can lose weight. While one day a week of fasting (reduced eating or eating nothing) doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to lose weight, two days a week can be enough to start burning fats – especially if you exercise on the other days (Exercise doesn’t burn off calories so much as it forces the body to shift how the weight is held. Muscle, however, burns energy more efficiently than fats, so there is a long-term effect.).
  • You gain a mastery over food. While one can take this too far (as is true with everything, I must add), there is something to being able to go without constantly thinking about, looking for or eating food that is as freeing as being able to go without drinking alcohol, sex, porn, or buying the newest music/movie/game.
  • There may be other benefits, health and otherwise. While one may believe that fasting was invented after a couple of bad harvests and has had a bunch of justifications tacked on it, there have also been reported benefits to blood pressure, cholesterol levels, insulin sensitivity and even the rebuilding of white blood cells. I’ve also heard from many with religious and spiritual tendencies that fasting has spiritual benefits.

Now granted, I must say that if you CAN’T fast, don’t. Between Diabetes and people having had problems with starving themselves, there are plenty of people who just shouldn’t fast. And it’s a good idea to limit the fasting itself –

I’m a believer in the 2-5 diet (two days fast, five days normal eating); that way every fast day is surrounded by food days. There are other diets that suggest more days for fasting, but I wouldn’t suggest anything more than twice a week. Even one day a week (Friday is a good a day as any) is a good practice, as regularity is a good help.

Pizzagate – A Darkly Alternative View:

Everyone knows the story – A pizza place that tried to support Hillary Clinton for President was found to be a center point of a nationwide pedophile network, complete with photos and paintingsor not, depending on whom you talk to. It even got to the point where someone walked around with a machine gun openly within the place – and when he didn’t find what he was looking for, he ended up being pasted as part of the international illuminati conspiracy.

Anyway, here’s a theory that’s been knocking around my head for a bit. It’s quite dark, but here it goes…Read More »

First Time as Tragedy, Second Time as Farce

Hegel remarks somewhere that all great world-historic facts and personages appear, so to speak, twice. He forgot to add: the first time as tragedy, the second time as farce.

– Karl Marx, Der 18te Brumaire des Louis Napoleon

I chatted with a woman who lived through WWII in Lithuania, and she said that Trump reminded her VERY much of Adolph Hitler, complete with the “popular vote” (The National Socialists only got 40% of the votes the one time they asked people if they liked them – and this, after they had taken power and with a wildly unbalanced, biased ballot) and lots of people rapturously in love with him. In short, she saw what had happened and what was happening to the people.

She is very pessimistic about the USA’s future and for good reason – she sees the same stuff happening here that happened there, and unlike with Germany (where three armies had massed and were ready to sweep down on The Fatherland) there’s no nearby armies or obvious invasion point where an opposing army could sweep through and stop the madness (even if a bit late for many people, as it was in Germany). Add to the fact that her home nation is presently being threatened by Russia again, and she feels very stuck, alone and vulnerable where she lives – and too old to do anything vital, to boot.

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Update on South Shore Line Expansion

It’s been a while since I posted on the possibility of South Shore Expansion – mainly because it ended up being a nonissue (Valparaiso didn’t want any commuter trains coming to them to begin with, and in the end it seemed that the expansion was looked at out of duty instead of actual desire and forward planning), my enthusiasm for the project nonwithstanding. However, there are plans afoot and it looks like they’re serious for once.

To start with, though, we’re talking about a smaller footprint – nearly a Stub line in many ways, as the plan only goes so far as the Dyer-Munster city limits. I would have thought they would have wanted to at least go as far as to the Dyer Amtrak station and turn that into a true stop instead of what has to be seen now as a glorified Amshack (it is nice, but since there’s no ticketing and the station is used but twice a day…), but it appears that future plans for the West Lake line involve a station closer to US 30 in Dyer itself, and a station at the present Dyer Amtrak station would probably cause problems – especially once commuter-based development starts near the station, wherever it may be placed. Maybe they could move the Dyer Amtrak station where the South Shore Station is when the South Shore is finally extended south from the Dyer-Munster border.

How serious is this?Read More »

A Conspiracy Theory – From the Economic Side

While I don’t make a point of embracing Conspiracy Theories, I’m not about to say Conspiracies do not exist. After all, even if you limit the structure to units of three (one leader, two followers who lead their own unit of three down to the level of direct action – an idea taken from Heinlien in “The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress”) you can cover a lot of ground with organization and structure (with the action twenty levels down, you have one supreme leader leading a ground “army” of 524,288 with actions that can aid the whole, be tailor-made to the specific locale where the actions happen and give plenty of cover to the middle levels. Expand the number of followers who lead their own group in the model, and you get greater reach with fewer levels, plus the ability to act and react quickly – units of eight would bring about 823,543 foot soldiers at the eighth level of organization, giving the on-ground units the strength and ability to react on the fly and still giving cover of sorts to the middle levels.). All you need is one guy who knows what he wants to do, people in sympathy with his wishes in the two levels below him and the ability to insure that actions are taken on at the lowest levels without the ability to link to the top.

So, having bored you with that aside, let me put forth a Conspiracy theory that seems, to me, to make more sense than many others I’ve heard:Read More »