Romney’s Economic Beliefs, in short and reworded two generations down.

Robert Reich has put together that there is indeed a system to Romney’s beliefs that he has stayed true to in his campaign.

It actually makes a sort of sense, if you’re a believer in the Austrian/Chicago/Randian economic/political school that presently is the de facto law of the land. It’s interesting that, with all the people shouting about Rand (a novelist who started off from an anti-communism stance and went extreme in a quest for economic purity) it’s the Chicago School (and the Austrian school that probably gave the Chicago school its philosophical pinnings) that has had its effect on this nation.

Anyway, here’s my parboiling of Mitt Romney’s beliefs as sussed out by Mr.Robert Reich:

  1. Corporations are citizens, people are not.
  2. Corporations, being citizens, have full and complete rights over her workers. Workers, being people have no rights over corporations.
  3. Efficiency and Profits are the sole goal of corporations. Service to customers is but a means….
  4. There is no such thing as a negative effect of profit seeking. What people falsely imagine as negatives (pollution, unsafe products, unsafe working conditions, financial fraud, et al) are actually POSITIVE side effects.
  5. Money (the objective measure of the claim on future production based on past production) is the sole measure of a Corporation and a man. Nothing else has any measure on Corporations or men.
  6. Charity (money, goods and services given to the poor) is pure waste, destroying the items given with no positive effect on the givee. Offerings to the rich are always made good, even if there’s no trickle-down to the rest of the people.
  7. Government, being nonproductive (and indeed, incapable of being productive), is evil. Taxes is how government funds itself. Therefore taxes are evil, and the willingness to pay (or inability to avoid) them is the measure of a Corporation’s (and man’s) evilness.
  8. Politics is a Zero-sum game. You win in politics, you make the rules and affect the future. You lose, you are subjected to the rules both present and future. This stems from the historical reality of governance.
  9. An aristocracy made of men of wealth (preferably men made wealthy by their own efforts in their lifetime) are the only people who should be allowed the reigns of government. Having proved their worthiness by their service to their corporations (measured by their ability to gain money), only they deserve to give proper service to their nation as its leaders.
  10. Relationships can only be measured measured by objectively measured benefit to both sides (Family, Salvation and Money). All else is the enslavement of the good by the bad/evil.

I’m surprised that there’s no number 11 that states that eventually the state will die on its own (not drowned in the bathtub), as all its necessary uses are taken over by private for-profit (by necessity, since profit is the sole measure of usefulness – follows from #5) corporations. Maybe his strong belonging with the Mormon Religion keeps him from taking this step.