Watching Patterns In The News

Remember all the stuff about teachers and public workers protesting en masse? Combined with a couple of lawmaker strikes, some of the worst threats were ameliorated (although I don’t think things are finished yet. Watch Wisconsin…things may get worse, and what started out as a test case may yet mutate into something REALLY harmful and virulent).

Well, guess what: Suddenly starts posting Sex-With-A-Teacher stories. The ones where a comely young woman (or ugly woman using raw power) “seduces” a willing younger boy (or not…one story could actually could be construed as emotionally based rape). On a Daily basis.

Now Fark is a story collector, with a focus on those off-stories that are keeping the real stories out of the mainstream papers. And as it happens, many of the stories came from WLS 890 AM Chicago, the Mainstream Right-Wing station in Chicago and ABC Affiliate. Most of the stories probably came from the Roe Conn show.

But you get the idea: If all teachers are basically dippy slut-wannabees who never wanted to get out of High School despite the fact that they were the ones being gleefully shat upon back in the day, do they DESERVE rights? Or a minimum wage? Or would it be preferable to blacklist them, making sure they can’t make a living? And the fact that this is being reported by a conservative talk radio station implies that this is the intent.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

So now suddenly we hear of a massive amount of news on Air Traffic Controllers sleeping on the job. Snoozing at Ronald Reagan Airport, snoozing at Reno, snoozing for a few minutes at Miami when he’s not “needed,” snoozing while an emergency landing takes place, even snoozing while the First Family “was in danger.”

And suddenly, we get this: Furor over air controllers to spill into Congress.

That’s right: Instead of thinking of how to properly fund Air Traffic Control, they’re going to look for a way to make a profit off of it. Instead of funding ATC enough to insure that workers getting eight hour days are given 16 hours to rest (instead of the 8 on, 8 off, 8 on that currently goes on), we’re going to place a group of people on top whose sole goal is squeezing money out of the enterprise, and damn safety or proper training.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Now one can ask whether these things were happening all the time and are only getting noticed. One of the things that came out of the news was that certain air traffic controllers who were known as “less than competent” but unwilling to hang themselves were pushed off into certain locations to muddle through in obscurity; and there’s always been the risk that a Teacher-Student relationship could be shifted into seducer-lover relationship (indeed, there had developed a set of de facto rules governing relationships between professors and students at the Universities and Colleges. One of the major rules was that the students should be finished with the teacher’s class before the two become a serious item).

But that asks the question: Why stay silent on these things? If these things have been issues for years, where were 60 Minutes, Dateline or 20-20 (Surely ABC would love to show their patriotic colors on these issues)? Surely they would have shined a light on the controller issue.

But they sat on these news items…until the time was right. Then the news came out.

Teachers stand up for bargaining right…suddenly it seems every female high school teacher’s seducing their male students (assuming the boys want to be seduced…)

The elite wish to find another way to profit off the Government…suddenly Air Traffic Controllers can’t stay awake long enough to sit down at the start of their job.

It’s as if the mainstream news has made a decision to become the “reasonable” branch of the neocon-tea party news machine.

Like I’ve said before, but not in these exact words, “when strange things happen you must take notice.”