Everything You Need to Know In Three Sentences

Taken from Lotus – Surviving a Dark Time blog. I added the third sentence to put in a perspective.

  1. Last Wednesday, the UN General Assembly voted 122-0 that access to clean water and sanitation is a fundamental human right.
  2. The United States abstained, along with Canada and several European and other industrialized countries.
  3. Thirty years ago The United States, Canada and the other countries would not have abstained from this vote – they would have joined the majority.

A Blast From My Past

Something I remember and have been thinking about:

In January of 1986 I remember walking around a lot and noticing that my feet were cold. So for some reason I started thinking about my feet being warm. For a week or two, those thoughts ran through my head.

In January of 1988 I again began to notice that my feet were getting cold on occasion.

Okay, I can see the thought police swooping down on me, saying “you should have learned something; maybe from there you could have remade your future.”

Perhaps. But more to the point, I was more surprised when the cold weather stopped affecting my feet. Then, after a while, I stopped noticing it. Finally, I noticed my feet getting cold again during the winter, and not reacting to well to it (having grown un-unsed to my feet feeling the change in temperatures).

Now I’m wondering whether such thoughts can again affect my reactions. After all, it WAS the same cold and wet that my feet reacted to…then didn’t react to.

Just a quick thought out there.