Shit Going On At My Job

First, the back story (since people reading this here won’t have it):

Around Early January of this year, I first heard about surcharges for hauling Medicaid Patients around. Just talk, so while I note it I let it go.

Then comes Early February. On a Tuesday we’re told we’re supposed to charge for copay for our Medicare patients…starting Wednesday. Suddenly I had to charge people fifty cents per run…and I didn’t even get any warning. Would have liked a week’s warning, if not letters and a starting date on March 1st.

This last couple of weeks has given me a recurring theme: Service no longer being done. It’s not even in a logical order – a plat of area abandoned here, a place there, whole swaths cut out next – and always, people getting their services cut off because the doctor they’re seeing is a bit further than “can be serviced.”

Thing is, I can’t help but wonder…even if most of the trips we did could easily have been done by the customer in their car, or with friends or family, at what point do we get to a lower limit below which we can’t serve anyone? I can understand cutting off long trips, but long-term clients we’ve picked up over the years? Are we to expect gas prices to stay this high forever, with redemption rates to drop (if not stop altogether)?

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I’m not necessarily a conspiracy theorist maven, but when strange things are happening you must notice.

So…we’ve recently seen rail projects suddenly canceled without warning (a typical neocon action), sudden movements against public union employees, and a sudden whitewash of news to the point where stars suddenly lose it on cue (and in reaction to commands from above, it seems). And suddenly government agencies find themselves unable to serve the poor they had long done.

Something’s happening, a shock that appears to be intended to be permanent. And I don’t think the key blow has been struck yet. I have an idea, but it’s just that – an idea. All I can say is: