Miscarrying Is Murder Now? What About Inability to Implant a Fetus?

Woman In Mississippi Charged With Murder For Miscarrying

Never mind that taking yourself somewhere to get the child gutted out of your stomach is still legal, since when is the inability to bring a fetus to term now a crime demanding state-sponsored revenge upon the woman who’s probably mourning her broken pregnancy in the first place?

Seriously, if a woman miscarries, it implies that she intended to bear the baby in the first place. Charging a woman who suffered a miscarriage with murder is like adding insult to injury, only with a vicious angle that implies that the miscarriage was the insult that deserved injury to be inflicted.

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There’s a further frightening thing going on here. And it’s an issue that seems to lie underneath the pro-life stance, whether we’re just talking merely dislike of the procedure itself (Plan B pill OK, Vacuum cleaner into the inner sanctum not) or taking the full QuiverFull approach (The word “NO,” stated at a specific time to a specific request, is an abortifacient).

It’s this: does a pregnant woman have any rights?

If you believe that a fetus has rights because it exists, then by dint of its dependence on the mother the fetus does away with many (if not all) the rights that a woman has. Never mind drinking or drugging, the mother-to-be now has to do everything with the fetus in sole mind. Little else matters, unless there’s other children to be taken care of in the meantime.

Which means: the mother-to-be must rearrange her life to fit in with the demands of the fetus. The mother-to-be has no rights by herself BECAUSE the fetus within her trumps whatever claims the mother-to-be has by dint of the fetus’s existence and dependence on the mother-to-be.

And if a baby gets born before (s)he’s able to survive without help?

If the article listed on top of this blog posting (and reposted here) is any indication, the woman has done a grave sin, a sin so grave that it is allowed for the state to heap their own punishment upon the woman.

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And you get a real problem when you decide to define a human being NOT as a fetus, but as a fertilized egg.

This is an issue because a large proportion of fertilized eggs do not become full-fledged fetuses. Some don’t implant, others abort themselves (due to unfitness of the genome), and still others fail due to outside pressures (…and not JUST from “actions from women who poison their wombs.” I could yell at the woman, and if she feels threatened enough it may affect her ability (and willingness) to welcome new life into her.). Add to that the delay between fertilization and implantation, and you have a lot of leeway in which to play around with stuff. Like declaring that a woman is doing stuff to insure that she’s unable to implant any possible fertilized eggs after (a possible) fertilization.

I can easily see women being punished for not bearing children (what are you doing to kill them?). I can also see rights being withdrawn simply because there women aren’t considered as beings in and of themselves but merely vessels. After all, why let women get educated when there is a direct causation between higher education levels and smaller families?

This is the path that the pro-life movement is taking the nation. Which is why don’t count myself as an anti-abortion advocate.

Even with my discomfort with Abortion (something many pro-choice/pro-abortion types share; it’s this natural discomfort that gives the pro-life/anti-abortion movement its advantages), I’m not ready to go down the path that many anti-abortion people have already gone down (without admitting it). I’m not ready to define everything as responsibilities without rights (even though this society seems hell-bent to remove both ideas from its lexicon, from what I’ve seen).


November 7, 2012 will look REALLY different.

Ever get the feeling you can see what’s going on in the Future?

I was listening to NPR and there was a bit of news on how Barack Obama would not be able to get the same boost he got last time. Never mind the sudden shift in representatives based on redrawn maps; I heard about the death of the first-time incentive and the dropoff in Democrat registrations.

Trust me, it didn’t sound good for the Democrats.

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There’s multiple threads going on here which are going to raise Hell on Obama.

First off, there’s the decline in Democrat influence. Fact is, a large proportion of the “New Democrats” that aligned themselves behind Obama in 2008 didn’t care to vote in 2010, leading to a severe rightening of Congress and many state houses and governorships. I remember tracing the lockstep movements of The Koch Governors (Florida, New Jersey and many in the Midwest) going from Rapid Rail to Rights to Bargain (including Indiana congressmen “over the head of their governor”).

Then there’s the debt ceiling. We’re already technically in default, although right now the government’s working to sacrifice their own worker’s pensions to keep themselves running; meanwhile the House Republicans keep stalling. And the thing is, THEY WANT THE GOVERNMENT TO FALL APART! And they’ll probably get their wish…indeed, they’re probably hoping for a couple more capitulations from the Democrats so they can time the final collapse in time for the Elections, blame it all on the Democrats and mop up.

Then there’s Obama. So desperate for something to have done by himself that he’s sold the nation down the river. We wanted Healthcare, he gave us enslavement to private, for-profit insurance companies (and worse, left the hard work to be done later…most likely by people out to make things much worse than they are). Then he was so desperate to get the budget together that he set the stage for the dissolution of Social Security. That’s Right, by doing a temporary tax cut on the SS taxes, he showed people that Social Security (and Medicare and Medicaid by extension) were expendable. Don’t think Koch, Palin, Gingrich, Savage, Limbaugh and their ilk didn’t notice.

Of course, Obama was following in the footsteps of Clinton, in that in the ability to do something and say he “did something for the people” he made sure things got worse. And while there are people who go out of their way to support anything that’s not Republican (or support Democrats), there are many who remember.

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And what’s going to be remembered?

Try promises kept in word but broken in spirit.

Try giving away the good stuff to do anything.

Try going out of the way to forget that sometimes NOTHING is the best thing to do.

I just heard that thirty percent of businesses were preparing to stop offering insurance to their (wage-earning) employees by 2014. Imagine that.

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I also wouldn’t be surprised if the economy doesn’t recover over the next couple years. After all, the companies are still hoarding money. Not hiring, (heck, when McDonald’s is counted for half the hiring by the government you know something’s wrong) not spending, hoarding $$$. Don’t be surprised if something happens which nobody’s prepared for.

And don’t be surprised if, on November 7, 2012, we’re looking at a radically different congress. One in which whole states have nothing on the Dem side. One where Republicans have not only made gains on a map (which looked too suspiciously like there was a threat of invasion of the Red states by the Blue states) back to the 2000/2004 borders, but beyond…to an invasion of the Great Lakes Rust Belt (Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa now firmly Red, Michigan Blue only because The Powers That Be ain’t finished with punishing that state) and the Northeast (New York is now isolated, thanks to NYC). Don’t be surprised if Oregon goes Republican, making things Red from Sea to Shining Sea.

And how will thing go from there?

Watch one thing: The South Shore Line. If that gets closed down, you know what happened….