Attraction Science – A Thought Experiment

Let’s start with the idea that your thoughts are things that act upon the universe and cause things to happen – over time, and with the purity with which you bring the thoughts upon the universe. Simple Attraction Science stuff, uncontroversial and universally agreed to (if oddly questionable).

Now, let’s agree that EVERYONE is doing it, from you and I to the bum on the street to the person aching to yell at the wayward drivers on the road to the restaurant owner to the suits and skirts running the C?O offices downtown. Again simple Attraction Science stuff, although it seems that your average practitioner seems to think (s)he’s the only one doing anything along these lines when they practice it.

Now here’s where things get a bit dicey for your average Attraction Science believer/practitioner:

Your average run-of-mill Attraction Science user would probably have trouble attracting an extra $500, never mind know how to use it other than to spend it unwisely. They meditate for Millions for moments, and when it doesn’t come to them they go back to moaning about how the world has turned against them when they should have probably started with manifesting an extra $50 (or, better yet, a free oil change coupon) so that they could afford that oil change so that their car stays able to take them to-and-from their job, their local Wal-Mart and their church on Sundays.

Whereas when the C?O person invokes Attraction Science in doing what (s)he desires, (s)he is not only able to put their desires into the ether (so to speak), but is also able to invoke an army of people to make their wishes so. The Employee’s actions (I SO hate the term “associate” used in reference to employees. It implies a somewhat equal relationship instead of a top-down, carrot-and-stick setup, and a volunteerism in the employee’s situatioin that is in truth missing from the whole deal.) help the C?O to meet their desires through the actions of the employee’s bosses up the chain of command.

Add to it the issue of snapback – the average beginning Attraction Science practicioner will start the practice, gain some immediate benefits from it, and slack off a bit. Meanwhile the brahmajyoti (also known as the Spirit Sky, also called the universe, the ether, the spirit world, and a few other terms that presently slip my mind or have never entered into it in the first place) has noticed, and is striving to fix the imbalance. Soon things happen to the person that fixes the imbalance – and usually then some, as both time and the forces that express themselves tend to overreact slightly in their quest to fix things. This is probably why people who succeed at this tend to constantly work at it.

So…this would imply that certain peoples – those who seem more able to get their way despite opposition – would be worshipable for their ability to Attract what they want. Maybe even Gods on earth, willing to age and die in front of humans so as to better make their will part of the world (as part of the issue with being a spirit is that you’re stuck with having to act indirectly if you’re going to have impact beyond the immediate).

So…are The Koch brohers, The Walton Siblings and George Soros Gods (Or Satans, depending on your beliefs)? If not, you’d better be able to explain why they seem to have extreme success on the scale of Billions when (as I’ve said before) most people couldn’t manifest $500 dollars to save their lives.


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