Pizzagate – A Darkly Alternative View:

Everyone knows the story – A pizza place that tried to support Hillary Clinton for President was found to be a center point of a nationwide pedophile network, complete with photos and paintingsor not, depending on whom you talk to. It even got to the point where someone walked around with a machine gun openly within the place – and when he didn’t find what he was looking for, he ended up being pasted as part of the international illuminati conspiracy.

Anyway, here’s a theory that’s been knocking around my head for a bit. It’s quite dark, but here it goes…

The Alt-Right, along with its allies both on the ground and in cyberspace, have been bullying women into silence for the past few years. Anytime something comes up that seems a bit more uppity than these folks believe women should be (not quite down to “serving them beer and sandwiches, ever ready to oral them upon command;” but they’re working on THAT) they dig up information, bombard them with tweets and facebook posts and generally flood them with hate with the hope/expectation (they’ve both succeeded and failed, so both fit) that their target will shrink away from their life.

However, with a change in the Presidency (and a confirmation of on-the-ground information), the question comes up: Can they ramp it up? Can they strike against a man just like they’ve struke against many women – pick the target, strike without provocation and act in such a way as to destroy the target?

And if nothing else, it looks like their test was a success. Even with the armed person walking around looking for evidence.

Now, the thing about this is there’s nothing about whether the rumors of rampant child abuse were true or not, nor even if this place is real – I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that the pizza place was a plant placed there a couple years ago, ready to be used as a test case if/when the time came, and the time came. What matters is that the alt-right was tested to see if they could take the fight against men – and, it appears, they passed muster.


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