First Time as Tragedy, Second Time as Farce

Hegel remarks somewhere that all great world-historic facts and personages appear, so to speak, twice. He forgot to add: the first time as tragedy, the second time as farce.

– Karl Marx, Der 18te Brumaire des Louis Napoleon

I chatted with a woman who lived through WWII in Lithuania, and she said that Trump reminded her VERY much of Adolph Hitler, complete with the “popular vote” (The National Socialists only got 40% of the votes the one time they asked people if they liked them – and this, after they had taken power and with a wildly unbalanced, biased ballot) and lots of people rapturously in love with him. In short, she saw what had happened and what was happening to the people.

She is very pessimistic about the USA’s future and for good reason – she sees the same stuff happening here that happened there, and unlike with Germany (where three armies had massed and were ready to sweep down on The Fatherland) there’s no nearby armies or obvious invasion point where an opposing army could sweep through and stop the madness (even if a bit late for many people, as it was in Germany). Add to the fact that her home nation is presently being threatened by Russia again, and she feels very stuck, alone and vulnerable where she lives – and too old to do anything vital, to boot.

So, now we have Trump as president. He’s proceeded to remake various parts of the government in his own image and is trying to turn various departments into 1984-like reversals of themselves (Or more fully into those self-reversals, however you wish to view it. However you view it, the reversing is presently being attempted.)

And the sad thing is, we’re watching everything happen as bafore. The creation of alternative press and means of communication, “alternative facts” (either lies or true isolated or small-scale, dead-stub items blown out of proportion and made out to be the active, thriving norm), an active group of people who insert hatred into their every comments at anyone or anything they don’t like, and a general atomizing of the opposition into millions of individuals, the occult religious right casting their spells pretty much unstopped.

Now, here’s where the farcicality comes deeply into play:

  • Before the various parties had to create their own press and eventually take over established outlets. Today’s corporatist right had a whole new area to move into, and a quickness that seems to have fully escaped the left.
  • With all the ways to communicate, one would think there’d be a way to debunk all the false facts and small items blown up beyond proportion. However, these new forms of communication seem to have given full power to the lie and the half-truth, whereas the whole truth seems always flat-footed and almost defeated before it can even rise up (except when in service to the lie, in which case it seems to be given wings)
  • What once had to be organized from above over time can now be posted, taken and shot around. Train the people enough, and you don’t even have to send orders – the people will act independently in the service.
  • Just like in Germany where there were plenty of leftist groups and one National Socialist party, presently the left is in the middle of battle, with many individuals recalibrating their desires to a more personal level. Meanwhile the right has achieved union between the armed forces, the police, and the Domestic Spying apperatus and is waiting for corporations to come on board (since they have powers even the most powerful Tyrant can’t have). They have begun thinking nationwide and are probably banking their forces for when a little firepower becomes necessary (why shoot your guns when your enemy walks to the furnaces by themselves, on their own free will through your mere suggestion?).
  • The original Nazis took their occult symbolism seriously, making the point of tying their symbols to pre-Roman Germanic tribes. Especially the Swastika, which before the Nazis put their own spin on the symbol was well-beloved as a symbol for good luck and victory, was tied (however tenuously) to a pre-Roman Germanic tribe. For the modern-day Nazis (alt-right my ass) we have Pepe the Frog, an Egyptian dark force of destruction which has become the de facto deity of the alt-right in a preemptive attempt to neutralize all humor (a tactic taken from the TEA party, who themselves came up with the term “Tea Bagger.”).

In short, with everything known and the easy mockability of the American Nazi Party (Just like Hitler and the Nazis, before THEY took power and showed force), we’re watching history repeat itself. It’s a farce (complete with Russia taking advantage…), especially since where the first time is always looking over its shoulder to make sure the backside is covered the second time is able to learn and thus half-ass their way to power.

In short, we know what’s happening and it’s happening anyway. Hence it’s being a farce.


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