A Conspiracy Theory – From the Economic Side

While I don’t make a point of embracing Conspiracy Theories, I’m not about to say Conspiracies do not exist. After all, even if you limit the structure to units of three (one leader, two followers who lead their own unit of three down to the level of direct action – an idea taken from Heinlien in “The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress”) you can cover a lot of ground with organization and structure (with the action twenty levels down, you have one supreme leader leading a ground “army” of 524,288 with actions that can aid the whole, be tailor-made to the specific locale where the actions happen and give plenty of cover to the middle levels. Expand the number of followers who lead their own group in the model, and you get greater reach with fewer levels, plus the ability to act and react quickly – units of eight would bring about 823,543 foot soldiers at the eighth level of organization, giving the on-ground units the strength and ability to react on the fly and still giving cover of sorts to the middle levels.). All you need is one guy who knows what he wants to do, people in sympathy with his wishes in the two levels below him and the ability to insure that actions are taken on at the lowest levels without the ability to link to the top.

So, having bored you with that aside, let me put forth a Conspiracy theory that seems, to me, to make more sense than many others I’ve heard:

1) A few corporations have decided to take control of the nation. Just take over the government and starve it to the point where it could be drowned in a bathtub (note that I didn’t say they WOULD do it, just that they COULD do it). Even given the best of intentions, the worst can be assumed since what they’re going for is total power, and thus total corruption.

2) People start and keep volunteering for President. Whether it’s Ross Perot (successful businessman doing actual service to the economy), Mitt Romney (Successful at strip-mining the nation) or Donald Trump (Successful at marketing his name and strip-mining those who wish to believe); it’s a businessman. And the idea is NOT necessarily to succeed immediately (certainly NOT with Trump) but to get enough people to the point where they would accept a businessman as the Political Leader of the Country (President of the USA).

3) Once success hits, have the others ready. Put your plans, and if you’re right about corporations being strong enough to run things, you will gain everything your wish and more.

The good thing about this plan is, you don’t even have to assume evil or greedy intent – you can even assume good will and the limits of his circle. Donald Trump’s cabinet position nods are basically the people who’ve known him and stood by him during the election, he knows these people and has an idea of where they go. What they do afterwards is not necessarily his problem (meaning he ain’t going to necessarily manage them), and since they are in sympathy with his wishes (or orders) their actions are multiplied.

And since Trump is in actually working for the corporations (just like the present leader of Sears/Kmart is actually working for Wal-Mart and is happily destroying the two corporations for his masters in Bentonville, Arkansas), the corporations get their wish of directly controlling the government. They can shrink the government as much as they like (or, more likely, dare – after all, you need a way of enforcing corporate will while keeping corporate hands clean…), as the idea of starving the beast is to make it bend to your will and keep it operating solely to serve its commands, NOT necessarily to kill it (hence the COULD drown in the bathtub idea).

(That, of course, doesn’t mean the government will keep that way forever. If a government is made weak enough to drown in a bathtub, it WILL be drowned in a bathtub at some point – and not necessarily by the group that created the situation for their own good….)


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