Who ARE The One Percent?

Probably the one thing that everyone seems to agree on is their opposition to “The One Percent.” There’s something about being on the right side of an overwhelming majority of people that makes people feel good – whether it’s about the elementary school’s mascot (Gillespie Mustangs, anyone?) to rooting for your side to win a war. And since 99% of the population can’t be wrong (go along with me on this), then it’s obvious that being with the 99% means being on the right side of history.

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Now, never mind the idea that almost everyone can be wrong, that sometimes it’s the oddballs who end up being right. Everyone loves such stories, but more often than not the single lone nut is known as a lone nut for a reason – he’s a nut, he’s dead wrong and people avoid him for that reason. That sometimes said lone nut may be right is an occasional occupational hazard that must be dealt with on the rare occasion that it happens (also known as the stuck clock syndrome – twice a day it’s going to be right and for a few minutes either way it will be about right, but that’s by accident and the rest of the time it will be either “wrong” or “with not enough of a clue to be considered wrong.”

Instead, let’s look at it another way: Who ARE The One Percent? Who are these folks who are, in some way, draining our money away like a vampire sucking on a virgin’s neck for dear life? Who are the people going out of their way to make Americans suffer – note that it’s not about money or exchange, that money and exchange are being used as tools here for the actual purpose (which is to create a feudal society, where certain peoples are deemed worthy of worship and surrender to because of who they are).

Here’s my list:

  1. Bankers (not the tellers, but those people who have gotten into suits and sit in the offices) – the obvious first part, as these folks have been proven to be actively creating and pushing the situation where houses are being foreclosed up and neighborhoods turned into ruins. Since the recent re-regulation of the bankers has set it up where they have to have a lot of money in the bank to be able to loan (and the Feds have given them this money), they haven’t had the need to give interest to whatever money has been saved by their customers. Ergo, they’re now in the position where they don’t need us but we need them – and they’re using it to their
  2. The Investment Class – You know the dream: to have enough money to make money off of it. It’s this dream that has made a wreck of what WAS the American industrial landscape (Don’t think metals or cars, think computers and can openers. Turns out that heavy industry and heavy manufacturing is the hardest thing to export and the easiest thing to import if you have a good enough market), turned the stock market into the gaming mechanism that it’s become and has turned corporations from private endeavors in service to their customers, workers and owners to entities who are SOLELY deserving of personhood in our nation (thereby classifying the actual humans within the USA as subjects at best…). These folks are also blindly in support of the bankers mainly because they understand that their money means nothing without banks to watch over it.
  3. Those directly helping the Bankers and The Investment Class. This includes stockbrokers, Newspaper editors who skew the opinions, politicians (from the Libertarians who baldfacedly support them in their impotence through the Republicans who have done their water-bearing to the Democrats who have hid behind “populist” stances and their buying out of certain groups who cherish their nickle more than the Bankers and Investment Classers care about their millions), even down to…
  4. The Police and Armed Forces. Yes, many of these people are unintentionally serving the one percent, but their actions works towards the support and expansion of the realm of the bankers and investment class. The arts of crowd control have gone so far as to become a science, complete with studies and a practice that has become rote.
  5. Academia. The fact is, there’s always been those who were part of Academia who have happily put themselves in abject service of the one percent. There are whole disciplines set up to serve the one percent (economics and Business are the two most blatantly in service to the one percent, although you can tell the degree of service by how well the various disciplines are funded…), and the universities that serve the one percent well are better funded then those who don’t.
  6. Black Bloc “Anarchists.” Cops crowd people into squares, arrest them like mad and beat them up…and these guys get to declare where they’re going to mess things up? I smell major tools of the one percent, getting behind the lines and allowing the other tools of the one percent to paint those in opposition (Occupy Wall Street/Occupy XXX) as raving lunatics out to destroy America.

I’m sure there may be a few other groups, but these are the obvious ones.

Just to note, we’re not just talking about one percent anymore. More like five or six percent. One percent couldn’t rule over everyone without a larger group of willing helpers (and the rest of us willing to put up with it, whether by going along or by being to scared to fight).

So…now we know whom are the one percent (or, more likely, the five in service to the true upper crust).


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