Super Bowl XLVI: My thoughts:

First thought: I was right about the Giants winning the Super Bowl. However, more importantly: The game went sixty minutes. No mood shots on the sidelines, and better yet every eye had to be on the game. And since the Detroit Lions weren’t playing in the game, I have to say I was satisfied by that.

Second: in probably a first in ANY sport, we’ve got an “OH SHIT” moment in response to a score. Granted it turned out to be the winning score, but you could tell that Ahmad Bradshaw so DIDN’T want to score at that moment. Definitely NOT a transcendent moment, but something more noteworthy, in its way.

Madonna was a good show, in part because of the multiple “guests” that were in the show. In some ways, it was like the old extravaganzas that used to occasionally show up in the halftime shows before Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake ruined that with their stunt in Super Bowl XXXVIII.

And the commercials…I must say, they seemed to be better. Instead of trying to be “the be-all and end-all of commercials,” they just acted as they were and were funny besides.

And finally: Congratulations Giants. Four victories in five appearances – definitely one of the elite teams.


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