Senate Bill 1867 vs Boys Gone Wild…

Another exercise in press watching (updated December 11th, 2011):

Suddenly everyone outside of the “mainstream press” is sounding the alarm over a bill which puts into law language that allows the government to define whomever they want as their enemy and thus allow them to treat them however they want. While at the moment nothing’s law yet (it has to be harmonized with the House version of SB1867, which is without the offensive articles) it’s probably best that a bill this important (defense appropriations) should at least get some press.

And what are we getting in the mainstream news?

Okay, so they’re interesting. That’s why there’s Fark. But I shouldn’t have to hear it in my morning show, or for that matter read about it in the CHICAGO newspapers.

Thing is, when you’re not putting proper news in its proper place, you have to find SOMETHING to distract people with and fill up space. Especially when nobody’s buying the paper anymore.

– – – – – – Update December 11th, 2011 – – – – – –

Well, there’s been a BIT of reporting on Senate Bill 1867 (and remember, it has to be harmonized with the house version before it gets signed and vetoed, the offensive parts may not survive). First, that it’s been passed, and second that Obama’s vetoing the bill if it allows the military to take people from civilian custody to military custody…evidently he seems to feel that local constables need their chance to beat up the people they arrest.

So what happens? Virginia Tech, the pale repeat. There’s another shooting that happened elsewhere, but somehow nothing of it gets noticed.

Of course, the person who shot up Virginia Tech before had the advantage of doing something that nobody could believe was happening. Now, that memories of what had happened before still existed, people knew what to do and the shooter only shot a cop before doing himself in.

But you can see what could happen. Another shootup somewhere, and this time linked to Radicalized Islam. And the bill gets passed without having to be linked to the defense bills.

(And just so you know, I expect the payroll taxes to be restored to where they were. Obama is too much of a wimp to let them stand, they were done so that he could justify (to the 99%) the tax breaks extended for the upper one percent; now that he don’t have anything else to justify the payroll taxes will go back up and STAY up.)


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