Following The Press – Interesting Items…

Remember when the Wisconsin teachers took over the State Capitol for a couple of weeks? I do…and I also remember the sudden rush of female teacher “seduces” male student(s) articles that suddenly popped up on A definite agenda being worked on here – and with the convenient release of “Bad Teacher,” the message was suddenly VERY obvious.

So now, in the past month (Sorry I didn’t comment sooner; was busy with the NaNoWriMo challenge. FYI, didn’t make the 50,000 word goal but I DID finish the story.) a couple of new items have broken into the news in such a way that seems more conveniently planned than accidental:

  1. After watching both the football players (labor) and the basketball players (again, labor) buckle down and bend to the will of their respective owners (management), we find out that a couple of stellar, long-time pillars of the college sports world have been proven hollow and ready to collapse: Penn State Football and Syracuse Basketball. While it wasn’t the head coaches who were the guilty parties, they definitely worked hard to shelter the guilty parties until AFTER they were pure poison to the Universities. And what’s worse, in both cases people in the press knew what was going on but decided to sit on the news stories because exposure wasn’t in their interest.
  2. Strange that, as the news on Occupy Wall Street/Occupy The Banks changed from “What is this, this wasn’t supposed to happen” to “Thank You Lord for the Riot Police to turn these people to mash,” we start getting some strange news on the Lottery Winners front. First a son of the millionaire Marriott hotels president wins over $100 Million drawing, then three guys who work for the top 1% win a $254 Million drawing, and then someone wins a Million Dollars for the second time in three years. Add to that the newscaster who won himself a $2 Million Dollar House, and you got a lot of folks who don’t need the money having it handed to them rather recently.

On one hand, one of the paths to riches for kids who come from the lower parts of society (basketball, football) is not only getting more impoverished but the path up is proving to be rotten to the core. On the other hand, another way of riches would appear to have been hijacked with the express purpose of funding the coffers of those working for the top 1% without having to take any money out of the hands of the 1% themselves.

Add to that the shift in welfare from going to the people in need to the people (and corporations) tasked with watching the people in need, a shift from grants to loans in every sort of endeavour and the ability of the rich and connected to seal up all possible routes of money to reach the lower 99% (of which I am definitely part of, at least in the North American Continent) it looks very much like things have changed.

They’re no longer hiding. Indeed, their bringing the battles out into the open.

I’m not sure how I’m going to fight, but at some point I know it can’t be alone. The poorer among us are gonna have to figure out a way to unite and act as a group, just as the 1% have.


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