I Am The Ninety-Nine Percent

In many way I’m lucky.

My job pays a minimal wage, but it’s enough to cover everything I need plus a few wants. I’m also able to take time of when I need…or even on an occasion when I want to.

I have room and board taken care of (for the most part).

I can also afford insurance at present. I’m also able to add vitamins and supplements to my diet (Glucosamine and Condroiten means I can still walk…)

I have no student loan debt, and my other debt can be taken care of easily, should I choose.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

But I do calculations on what I make and what I would need to spend to live on my own, and I keep running into the fact that I would be stuck in the place, dependent on the job for room, board and other necessities. If I wanted out, I’d have to go into debt, and that for the OPPORTUNITY to seek an escape.

I watch all the prices rise, even as the government trumpets the death of inflation to the nation. Food prices, gas prices, housing costs, insurance prices, medical costs, education costs all rise even as the reports keep saying “low inflation.” I now think the CPI means “The Corporation Price Index,” since I’ve yet to see wages rise.

Did I mention Health Insurance? That just leaped up 20 percent…for something that just means I’ll have to cover the first $5000…and I can’t help but think that Obama set up a trap with his “Health Insurance Reform Bill” that the Republicans will warp to suit their agenda…starting with the right (or is that obligation? THAT wouldn’t surprise me) to refuse treatment to those without insurance…or with just Medicaid).

And food prices…not only are food prices rising, but the quality of the stuff is going down as well. Wood, Ammonia, Perfume, Petrochemicals, Human Hair – the list makes High Fructose Corn Syrup seem wholesome, doesn’t it? Also, the packages are shrinking…and sometimes in inventive ways.

And Education…when I first went to school, you could get fourteen credit hours and a good weekend’s partying from the Pell Grant. When I first graduated it covered ten credit hours, and you had to take twelve credit hours to get that. Nowadays the only place you can get an education for a Pell Grant is in some Louisiana Colleges, and now people have gone out of the way to say that people are faking going to school in order to scam money from the Pell Program. Don’t be surprised if you see a bunch of “publicly funded” colleges close down – but NOT because people decide not to go, but instead because the states need to “save money to insure their rich don’t move out of the state.”

Trust me, there is a class war going on in the USA. The rich have been waging it against the poor for over thirty years (nearly forty if you ask me), and they’ve become so confident in victory that they don’t even hide it anymore; even with a Democratic President at the helm.

I’ve seen it up close.

You see, I live with a one percenter. And from what I’ve seen, they are indeed as venial and petty as you can think of them as.

Sad thing is, they’ve so fallen in love with their $$$ that they won’t even think of giving to charities until they’re dead. Not so much afraid of needing the money later (that’s their excuse) but not wanting to give the money at all. That they’ve made the excuse of “maybe needing the money for care in their last days” shows at the very least a need to justify themselves.

And many of the rest of us (those who are still bought into the “American Dream” concept) have decided to pass this stuff on as “normal.” “Sure, twenty percent raises in health insurance are normal.” “You’re supposed to mourn the fact that your brother can still get a  job – after all, my students can’t find jobs and they do the work.” “Eighty years old, why should I retire? Kids Today don’t deserve jobs.” “Mass Transit is for those who leech off the system.” (all said by people well up in the middle class)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Revolutions are rough, bloody and may not give what people want, but at the very least it gets the rulers to notice. And when a people are so desperate for change that they’ll confuse anger with action, watch out.

Because sometimes people just want to tear shit up.

Especially when you’ve given them nothing to build up.

99 percenters, take over the nation. Wall Street Can Go To Hell (and stay there).


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