Weird Things Going On These Past Two Weeks…

Been an odd two weeks. Never mind the royal wedding (although that picture of of Princess Kate “Bowing to her Prince” was priceless), everything around Donald Trump and President Obama just smelled of Bullshit to me:

  1. Donald Trump starts asking for Obama’s Long Form Birth Certificate, acting like he’s preparing for a run for President in 2012.
  2. After a couple weeks of Trump’s talking, the Obama’s full form is shown to the world on Wednesday. Those with honest questions are hushed, but not those with wishes to cling to.
  3. Trump gets invited to the Saturday Correspondent’s dinner, watches Obama crack Trump jokes at him for a few minutes.
  4. “Osama Bin Laden” gets officially killed. On Beltane. Okay, he was killed on May 2 local time, but if you were in America you heard about it in time for Beltane (and it was May 1st in Israel and Europe when “OBL” was officially killed off.)
  5. (The President interrupts Trump on Celebrity Apprentice.)

Which leads to a few questions, some of which are:

  • What is Donald Trump getting from this? Trump may be a not-good businessman, a shill and a buffoon, but he’s no idiot. I wonder if he was let in on what was happening, and given something to insure that he participated in his part. Like maybe money to avoid yet another bankruptcy, or some other favors to be named later…
  • What were those kids doing celebrating on the White House lawn? I remember going around the White House in 1994, and there was a gate around the whole White House Lawn…that included the Supreme Court, I believe. For those kids to have been celebrating on the White House lawn means they had to have been let in…or planted. I’m not sure which.
  • Who would allow a Non-Native-Born-American to become President? The party with the NNBA? don’t bet on it – not unless they want to be tossed on the scrapheap of history. The opposition party? You’d think they’d want to jump on the mistake and insure a monopoly on office for years. The NSA/CIA/government? Would THEY want to be run by a foreigner (even one whose lived there since a small child)?

There’s just too much strangeness going on here. I call “Bullshit!”


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