The Blacking Of 2010, June Update

I remember when I first looked into the year of 2010.

I saw nothing.

Not “nothing” as in nothing major happening, everything going on as per normal. “Nothing” as in NOT A THING; or a negation of everything going on. Something Really Bad And All-Encompassing!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Well, here’s what’s gone on over the past year:

  • April 9: I end up getting into an accident (not reported on this blog because it takes time to recover, and besides I like to take my time reacting to stuff. This blog isn’t necessarily timely). Not my fault, that doesn’t help.
  • April 20-22: The BP rig Deepwater Horizon blows up, burns and collapses, leaving a major leak on the sea floor that’s slowly but surely polluting the Gulf of Mexico.
  • May: My housemate no longers listens to the radio, as she’s developed a hair-trigger reaction to ANY drop on the Dow. Not a 200+ point drop, a 2point drop!
  • June 7: The person I live with, after a few years of flirting with the idea of reducing the number of days at the Chicago RG, is finally getting ready to stop going to the Chicago RG.

Trust me, 2010 has been getting bleaker and bleaker from this end. I’ve tried everything to lift up my housemate’s mood, but it seems she makes a point of making herself more and more bitter.


One thought on “The Blacking Of 2010, June Update

  1. Life can be pretty bleak at times. I know bitterness must be avoided, a lot of my life is spent in the life of mind and prayer to keep going. One thing those with money worry about losing it, and those without, worry about trying to get it. With the gulf, I found myself telling one loved friend “I will take you in if needbe”. Things are getting serious down there. Your housemate needs to stop playing the stockmarket ‘gambling racket” with her money and withdraw it while she still has it. The way things are going, money will be of importance that is on hand. You can tell her I said so. The oil ‘gusher’ not spill, is going to bring things to this country that were never before even dreamed of.

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