Boycott BP NOW and FOREVER

Let’s start with an observation I’ve had over the years: Whenever a refinery burns down with loss of life, it’s almost always a British Petroleum refinery. Sure, many of them are old (old Amoco refineries, may I add), but I’ve yet to hear of an older Sinclair or Union 76 or Shell or ExxonMobil or SoCal (Chevron) refinery burn down. Always (or almost always) it’s a BP refinery.

Now on to the present disaster in the gulf.

If you’ve been listening to the news slipping through the cracks, you get a different take than what we’re supposed to think: Instead of a leak that just happened and is now growing by the day, we’re learning that BP had cut every corner it felt it could as it drilled the deep water well. The pipe itself was weak, the cement was faulty (or made so), systems put in place to protect the environment didn’t work, and systems that should have been there weren’t put in. It seemed that the people at the BP rig weren’t so much trying to make the rig work, but instead hoping for it to fail.

And their response…seems that everything they could do, they’ve done slowly if at all. Stuff that should have been there already had to be made up on the spot, and everything seems to have failed. Indeed, it seems that BP is doing everything it can to fail.

And why not? It’s not like we’re out by the north sea, where anything wrong might wash up on the Thames Estuary. It will f#ck up Louisiana, then Florida, then the Gulf Coast. Then, if it makes it up to Europe then maybe the USA will be blamed by then for not doing everything it can (even though it’s been admitted that the Government doesn’t have what it needs).

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Trust me on this, I won’t forget.

Yes, our government let things go the way things went, and the disaster in the Gulf is the outcome. But let’s not forget, it wasn’t the government who put in the oil rig. It wasn’t the government who did things as shipshod as possible (although they didn’t do anything to stop it).

I know who’s to blame.

That’s why I’m boycotting BP now, and forever. Any company that makes a habit of f&cking up the environment shouldn’t be allowed to exist; and since we’re not in a position to ban BP from our shores, we can at least keep our money from their stores. Yes, it’s almost impossible to isolate (since the refinery business is almost its own entity nowadays), but the stores can be left to rot.

If nothing else, the next company to see this reaction (and it’s happening right now, with or without my goading it) will think twice before doing what BP did with its next well.

A number of former BP stations have already shifted their brand name. May more do so.

(not even Citgo is as bad. They’re led by a nut, but at least he knows safety – something BP has gone out of its way to forget).


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