Three New Dews…Okay Now…

Three years ago (2007), we got Dewmocracy, and while the Voltage Dew won I don’t think it was the best choice (Revolution should have won, if you ask me). Now (in 2010), they’re giving us another choice of Three! New! Dews! for us to choose. More choice than I’ve seen for president since 1980, if you ask me.

Of course, there is a twist this time around.

This year we’re not getting three different versions of Sweet with flavor variations. These flavors have actual overtones which mark them as different from the rest:

  • Dew White Out has a Grapefruit taste in it that reminds me of Squirt (or Citra, Coke’s single attempt to take over the Grapefruit Soda market).
  • Dew Distortion has a strong Lime backtaste.
  • Dew Typhoon…well, Fruit Punch is the stuff that parents serve their children when they want something too sweet for kids to care about. That this one has a character of its own shows that sometimes you can’t put enough sugar on something to hide its true taste.

Not only that, but their coloration (at least of the Typhoon and Distortion) seem to hint at the pops being variations of the original (Distortion being a variation of the flagship, while the Typhoon is a variation 0f the Code Red). One could even signify the White Out as a variation of the original (pre-Teem, Lemon-Lime flavored) Dew.

Anyway, I actually tried out all three of these Dews last Saturday (the 17th of April). The Dew Typhoon went quickly onto the ground (I spilled it first, don’t believe in letting water sit in a plastic bottle and go to a dump); the Distortion and White Out were drunk fully.

I think the winner will be the White Out. The flavor is enough to make it distinctive, but doesn’t have a turn-off factor. I wouldn’t be surprised to find the Distortion used for certain markets or at special times (Cinco de Mayo, anyone?) And while the Fruit Punch will have its fans (heck, even the sickly-sweet Supernova Dew got some votes and actually did respectable in some states), I doubt that it will win.


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