HeLa Cells, Grey Goo and Autism – What?

First, let’s look at the idea of Grey Goo. The concept has played plenty of times on Coast To Coast Radio and other nanotech sites when they talk about the pitfalls of nanotech.

The idea of Grey Goo is simple: Put together a machine whose sole goal in to eat and reproduce. Let it out into the wild. Wait a while. Watch all life on earth get eaten up by this bug.

Now granted, this is a bit simplistic. This bug would have to move around a bit as well, plus be able to have either a simplified set of needs or a way of making everything needed. Plus it would take time for them to spread out, and many of them would either die or fall apart due to lack of material.

But the idea is simple: something that eats up everything in sight and survives as its own entity; and as it survives everything bigger than it dies.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Now here’s something people don’t know or haven’t figured out yet: We already have a version of Grey Goo, and it’s made of human flesh. Or at least A Human’s flesh.

Or More Specifically, Henrietta Lacks.

In 1951, she was discovered to have cervical cancer, and was killed by that cancer. Dr. George Gey grabbed a section of the tumor, and tried keeping it alive. Unlike every one else trying to keep lines alive at the time, his succeeded. So much so that suddenly other people found themselves able to make cell lines replicate almost instantly.

Took them twenty plus years to figure out they were all replicating the same cell. The same cells that had taken over Henrietta Lacks by the time she died in November 1951 had taken over the vast majority of cell lines that had been “created” by that time. Indeed, one could easily postulate that all they had done was recreate the first experiment which established the HeLa cells. Even with the attempts today to protect against contamination from HeLa cells, they end up showing up even wherever they’re kept from establishing themselves.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Another interesting aspect of HeLa cells is that they were used to create vaccines to Polio, a disease which had caused trouble for years but happened to be in decline by the time the vaccines were created.

One also wonders which other vaccines HeLa cells were used in, intentionally or inadvertently. Especially now, that we’re talking about a cell with a different number of chromosomes than humans (82 vs 46), a few alien chromosomes (since not all of the chromosomes came from human chromosomes), plus HeLa’s female (two Xs, maybe more…who knows).

And whom is it that suffers from Autism more? Males.

It wouldn’t be the first time that certain genes/animals/infectious agents have proven detrimental to whomever they infect. Many genes have been shown to be selfish or to have effects that kill off these beings (usually insects) that don’t give the infecting agent a chance to pass on the infecting agent/gene. Wolbachieae are infamous for that; indeed they’ve developed to the point where certain species of insects/worms/spiders/other bugs need to be infected by the Wolbachieae in order to breed.

It’s also shown up in other areas, as well. Male Fruit Flies have semen which has proven damaging to the female which has it introduced inside her; needless to say the females tend to be choosy on whom they let fertilize them.

So it’s entirely possible that some deviant version of HeLa has had itself inserted into a vaccine which is presently being used to vaccinate children against certain diseases. The MRR vaccine seems to be the obvious culprit, but it’s always possible that that vaccine doesn’t so much do the damage but triggers it via other damage done by other vaccines.

I would be curious as to how the MRR vaccine came about, which cells they used. If there’s a hint of HeLa in the creation of the MRR vaccine, it wouldn’t surprise me to find out that somehow it became virulently anti-male; only instead of killing/sterilizing said male, it ends up messing with brain (and thus personal) development. In other words, Grey Goo takes another victim.

Just another thought.


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