Good, Bad and Ugly on the Chicago Tribune Comics Page:

Came home from work and there was a page of the newspaper on my chair. Turns out it had a bit of stuff on changes planned for the comics pages in the Chicago Tribune. The same place that once had The Hots.

Anyway, here’s the good, the bad and the ugly:

  • The Good: Baby Blues, Frazz, and Zits not only stick around but are expanded. Get Fuzzy is gone, never liked the Bloom County gone to pot angle of the comic. Lio is also gone, while a good comic in the vein of Henry (mostly pantomime) the monsters seemed too much a gimmick for quick acceptance.
  • Don’t Mind Either Way: Broom-Hilda and Brenda Starr are still around. Wouldn’t mind them being gone, but not enough to bitch about their presence (just enough to note my feelings and go on). Sylvia’s disappearing; would prefer her sticking around but not gonna get my undies in a bunch over her.
  • The Bad: Cathy, Dilbert and Dick Tracy are still around stinking up the comics page (all you need to know about my opinions on these comics); Raising Hector and Watch Your Head will disappear from the comics page thereby making the comics page a more white area than even before.
  • The Ugly: For Better Or For Worse is still up; the comic’s doing a bad version of rewriting history. Classic Peanuts, while good, has been in reruns for nearly ten years and new blood on the comics page is needed.

In other words, a bad day for the comics pages at the Chicago Tribune. Where’s Modesty Blaise when you need her (not that this nation would deign to embrace her, as she has a habit of going around naked for a strategic advantage)?


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