State Of The Nation One Year After Obama’s Inauguration

Three hundred sixty-five days of Obama, and what do we have? Well…

  • A revitalized vigilant right-wing. They now have people showing up at every Democrat’s “home town meeting” to raise hell, and try to get into fights. Not only that, but they’ve learned how to use the internet to their benefit (more than the left ever seemed to want to) and have become self-organizing. Much like the Nazi Party in Germany from 1923 to 1931 (During which time the Left was cleansed and forcefully removed from the party, may I remind my rightward leaning readers).
  • The full, true measure of the pussification of the left. Think of it: Poll after poll shows strong support for the Public Option (and Single Payer as well), yet Obama buries that as soon as he can get away with it. There’s constant support for the various tenants of the left, yet everyone’s preparing for what seems to be the final rollback of all that stuff. And the guys in the Democratic Party echo that, from the POTUS to the local representative.
  • Proof that single party rule stunts everyone it touches. Remember, Obama claims to come from Chicago. Chicago is a single-party town as its elections are “non-partisan.” Of course, everyone who runs is a Democrat, as that’s the only party in town. You can’t even ride a bus if you’re a registered Republican. And I believe that this lack of a loyal opposition means that the guys don’t know anything about fighting back…they’re used to following orders from on top and covering their asses when the light shines their way. When Daley dies, I wouldn’t in any way be surprised if Chicago fell into gang ownership and gang violence, as the gangs are the only people in the city who know how to fight against others. If I were the Democratic Party, I’d make a rule that nobody from Chicago will be able to gain national office until they have to fight against a second party that has a chance to win a mayoral election there.
  • The Rich stopped hiding their thieving ways and started doing their thefts openly, complete with a Greek Chorus of sycophants doing their bidding. Throw the economy into a deep recession that threatens depression? Have billions thrown at you by the government (the true government, not the idiots voted in by the people). Having trouble with former suppliers? Let your case rise into the supreme court, then redefine it so that you get dictatorial power over your workers if you win (let’s pray that the courts keep it narrow and have it only about the original complaint). Need to save money for your stock owners? Lower the wages you pay to your workers (and let the state help when you can). Meanwhile interest rates on credit cards blew up on everyone (granted I actually don’t mind that, but it’s still a travesty what they did before the changeover).
  • Health Insurance Companies look to have become victorious in their cutting off health insurance reform at the knees. Things went from a near-mandate for single-payer to watered-down version of “public option” to a situation where certain well-hated (and well deserving of that hatred) corporations were going to be handed the power of declaring who were citizens (insured) and who were illegals (uninsured), complete with government agents at their disposal. And while I’m glad THAT’S been cut down, I wonder whether the cost of failure will be AT LEAST another fourteen years of Republican rule, with this time being the more vengeful, unforgiving version that will threaten to mutate into something worse. The last fourteen years were rough (with the last eight getting vicious on everyone not part of the banking/CEO elite).
  • Government Economic Statistics are now officially divorced from reality. It’s sad when you listen to business show and they have to spend fifteen minutes explaining why the main unemployment number stayed the same when the economy lost 50,000 plus jobs last month. And the CPI? Now known as the Corporate Price Index, and about to drop as wages drop, never mind show the real prices as they get ready to hyperinflate.
  • The Right is demanding much more, and wanting it now. Probably because the economic right has been able to get health insurance to go more fully their way than they ever dreamed (either die or give them powers without the responsibilities of governance) their wish list has grown more vicious and wider-ranging. Dropping prices for houses yet the debts held sacred, wages dropping like a rock while food and fuel prices rise, Privatize everything, export all jobs to China – who needs to revoke the 13th Amendment when everlasting debt and the impossibility of upward mobility do the job better than laws ever could?
  • Race relations have gotten colder, if my observations are anything to notice. In the month after Obama took the Oath of Office I get verbally torn into by three black women, each one of them including racial comments in their ripping of me…which equaled the number of verbal tearing-into by white people in the five and a half years before then. Thankfully that shit stopped (at least with the folks I took around in the van), but I’ve noticed a definite low-lever war going on. Twice I had to deal with people not only getting into my van but doing stuff so as to intentionally bar someone else who was in need of my services buy wasn’t the race of the people already in the van (one involved whites keeping blacks out of the van, the other involved blacks keeping whites out of the van; so know that it went both ways). Didn’t deal with ANY of the above before Obama.
  • BTW…anyone hear about what’s going on with Social Security? We went from a 10 year cushion to a five-month warning in three months in the middle of last year as employment dropped and many oldsters decided that Social Security was their birthright. I remember when the complaint was that the oldsters were refusing to step aside, now the other shoe has dropped and Social Security is about to become a drain on the government. Seems that the spending sins of our past are now coming due, much sooner than expected.

The fact is, while I voted for Obama/Biden I thought I was voting for health reform that would allow people to buy health insurance and eventual de facto single payer, not the farce of wheel-spinning this has become. I also expected someone who understood how things went and was willing to talk to us about paying for stuff.

But then we’d be talking about single payer, would we? Young helping the old, rich helping the poor, the healthy helping out the not-so-healthy who need a push, the lucky helping the unlucky – and of course, in the land of Libertarianism (Republicanism for the young and invincible) and Tea-baggers, the it’s the poor, unlucky and unhealthy who have to give their tithes to the rich, lucky and healthy in the nation. And besides, a nation without a safety net can’t do socialized health care, as that requires a social contract, not a Social Darwinist understanding of economics and politics.

Seems I’ve gotten to the class war late. Where’s the guns and ammo?


2 thoughts on “State Of The Nation One Year After Obama’s Inauguration

  1. Honestly what is new about Obama? He upheld everyone of Bush’s policies, the wasteful wars in the Middle East spending trillions of dollars, continue, and he ordered a surge for Afghanistan, and now it looks like we have “invaded” Haiti under the guise of humanitarian help. The Democratic Party supports the same agendas of the global elites same as the Republican. There was no difference.

    Remember how I talked about the fact they desired chaos and the collapse of this country…think about it and they are using both “right” and “left” to do it.

    I really want you to read this and think about it…and realize what a LIE both the LEFT and RIGHT are.


    By Doug Newman

    January 4, 2010

    Posted at Bartleby’s Blog and Freedom4um.

    The mainstream media – including Fox News, Limbaugh and the big-time that calls itself “Christian” – would have you think that the grand battle is between the left and the right.

    This is such a lie.

    Here are some examples.

    GW Bush outspent Clinton by $1 trillion per year and continued every last federal welfare program – and added a few of his own – and left-wingers hated him.

    Obama has continued all of Bush’s wars – and added a few more – and right-wingers hate him.

    Left-wingers say they support civil liberties, yet look the other way while Obama continues with the Bush surveillance state.

    Right-wingers say they support individual freedom, yet have no apparent problem with rogue police and the fact that America has the world’s highest incarceration rate.

    Left-wingers want us to panic and give up our freedom out of fear of global warming.

    Right-wingers want us to panic and give up our freedom out of fear of terrorism.

    Left-wingers say they are tolerant, but want to stifle public expressions of Christianity.

    Right-wingers oppose Obamacare because it puts medical decisions in the hands of the government, yet they get their undies in a bunch about the idea of legal medical marijuana.

    Left-wingers want to regulate how fast your toilet can flush.

    Right-wingers want to ban online poker.

    The left has its limousine liberals.

    The right has its chicken hawks.

    The left has Bill Clinton, Ted Kennedy, John Edwards and countless others.

    The right has Newt Gingrich, Rudy Giuliani, John McCain and countless others.

    No matter which wing gets the upper hand in government, the result is the same: perpetuation of the welfare-warfare-police-nanny state.

    As Butler Shaffer once wrote, “Left and Right are only two wings on the same bird of prey.”

    The hypocrisy is endless.

    In the words of REM, elections anymore are just tournaments of lies.

    As I wrote just before the 2008 election: “Ultimately, the same people run the show. They set up this false left-right paradigm and get people fighting endlessly over meaningless junk. There is a great line in Macbeth about “a tale Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing.” The real problem is not the media, Washington, Hollywood, etc. The real problem is that so many people are so willing to believe what their chosen spinmeisters tell them, no matter how absurd.”

    The grand battle is between liberty and tyranny. I woke up to this in late 1991.

    When will you wake up?

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