Welcome to 2010; Let’s not speak of 2009.

As this year grinds down to a halt, I have to say the main impression I have of it is disappointment. Consider the following:

  • I didn’t vote for a president so that he’d readily betray the interests of everyone who voted for him for those who probably didn’t. Banks saved while homeowners dumped out on the street, Wall Street “saved” while Main Street gutted…you do the math.
  • It also bugs me that whenever the Democrats get a victory the Neocon agenda doesn’t so much keep going but fuels up and shoots into overdrive on the expressway. All those republicans who cheered Bush when he ran up 1T/year deficits came around a’shouting in time to remake “health care reform” into “Privatizing Health Care For All.” Don’t be surprised to find out that there WILL be prison time for those who “forget to get health insurance.” Especially when the health insurance companies start canceling plans (or making them so expensive that they can’t be afforded, and the government conveniently runs out of money to subsidize others’ insurance).
  • In the “As Above, So Below” file: My housemate now lives day-to-day, ready to feed on Valium when her wealth (real or imagined) goes down by more than a certain amount. Worse yet, she’s offloaded health care problems onto yours truly.
  • And finally, two funerals I went to in the past month morphed into some ugly shit. The one not involving someone directly related to me was followed up by a email telling the person I’m with to “f*ck off and die, you god-damned c*nt” (let’s just say I finally learned how to read between lines of text – after forty years of avoiding that nasty skill) and my Grandmother’s funeral left me wondering why anyone would have mourned such an angry cuss (Okay, so she turned into that only late in life. Still, I wonder what would have happened had she been lucid when they started this swine flu vaccine drive, what with memories of her husband dying a slow death after dutifully getting his swine flu vaccination shot in 1976.).

Anyway, I just finished off a year of passive effort, working mainly to clear up stuff. And while I can’t say I’ve cleared up what I wanted to clear up, I can say I’m much further along than I had been before.

Anyway, here’s my resolutions and plans for 2010:

  1. Step out of the lethargy of habit, seek out better things
  2. Get in the position where the answer “no” can be said
  3. Learn how to say “no”

And here’s to hoping things will allow the above to stay true.


3 thoughts on “Welcome to 2010; Let’s not speak of 2009.

  1. Sorry you had those things to deal with sounds pretty bad. As for your housemate there are services out there, that can unburden you, she is more then eligible for a home health care aide, only problem is they would take her finances into consideration. Too many people abuse Valium and other drugs. So even there, the handicapped and disabled need to avoid the improper use of painkillers and anti-anxiety medicines.

    I had a difficult year too, mostly to do with money and lack there of and grief over a place I wish I never had left but realize now I can never go back. That is very rude for someone to write that after a funeral and I can understand why you’d you be upset.

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