Two Thing You Need To Know About Tiger Woods Today:

  1. However many floozies, whores, porn stars and local pincushions are found, they won’t matter one bit when Tiger Woods comes back onto the tour and dominates again.
    We didn’t care about anything outside of Tiger’s ability to hit a small ball with an unbalanced club into a small hole better than his peers. All the girls he was unable to say “no” to are but sidebars. No matter that some of them were ugly and only done because they were there in his (literally) hour of need, no matter that the Porn Stars loved him (because Porn Stars are indeed in a position to know a good screw when they experience it.). As long as he can dominate on the golf course, that will pass into the background.
  2. If Steroids/HGH enters into the picture, all bets are off.
    As I’ve said before, we love sports because we believe it is the most meritocratic of all our activities. Any sign of cheating is considered a crime against that trust, even though it’s an attempt to win the game (gambling is worse, for while we can’t guarantee a win we can guarantee a loss by certain actions).
    Tiger is more important because he’s one of few “blacks” who cracked into the elite of Golf, and is probably the only “black” (actually more Asian than Black, but Americans like to judge by skin color…) to dominate the sport. For that dominance to prove to be chemically enhanced would tarnish Tiger, and the last ten years of Pro Golf. Everything from the mid-nineties Masters win (so dominating it made him #1 for three years without Tiger having to win another golf tournament) to that Major where he played 91 holes on one leg (while destroying the other with every shot) would suddenly become suspect.

That’s everything you need to know about Tiger Woods right now. Everything else is simply extraneous detail.


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