What’s Up With The Change?

(Don’t worry, the post that was here will be back.)

I decided that my blog needed another change, in part to fit in with a shift in my thoughts:

  • Obama just met up with a couple of folks who were evidently uninvited, but were in some way welcomed to the party. What’s up?
  • The Club For Growth has been slowly clearing out Republicans who don’t fully follow the economic side of the Republican line. What do they know that we don’t?
  • I’ve seen nuts around since the early eighties, and they’ve always acted up whenever the left has been ascendant. So why does it now appear that they’re running things?
  • The US Government’s running up trillions in debt with nothing to show. Indeed, it appears that debt has suddenly gotten to the point where its growth does NOTHING but add to its bottom line…AND THIS HAS HAPPENED WORLDWIDE. When did this happen?
  • The new-agers have suddenly embraced apocalyptic thinking. ????
  • There’s a few other things that are happening that I haven’t yet thought about, but will enter my mind in due time.

Just as the new title of the blog says:

“Something’s going on,
and I don’t like it.”

Mind you, I’ve always felt a bit threatened by my situation. The first title of this blog (“An Outsider in Saul Alinsky’s World”) meant to evoke how I felt as an avowed moderate (mind you, one on the leftist side of moderate, but moderate in viewpoint and personal claim) in a world of extremists. My next title (“What I See Staring At Me From The Abyss”) meant to convey the concept of looking at stuff no matter what you saw, and reporting it (Nietzsche said you’d be staring back at your fears.).

This time, it’s more direct. No time to evoke past masters and explain why I did so (nobody mentioned), no time for indirectness (intended or not) (hence no reference to roadkill), and too much going on that needs to be looked at.

And no pussyfooting. Because SOMETHING’S going on, and I don’t like it.


One thought on “What’s Up With The Change?

  1. Something is going on. World government, take a look at what is happening in Copenhagen. The planned destruction of America. World government, world power, and as liberals would put it “the fall of the American empire”.

    Even non-Christians are feeling something in the air even if they can’t quite figure it out. Remember one thing about me, I used to be a Democrat and believed what they told me but I took the chance of “looking into the abyss” and asking myself are they telling me the truth? and I find out the answer was No. Even with the Bible, so many are abusing it and using it for their lust for power and promotion of war–think Hagee and leading people to live in fear. As you know I believe in the Bible [pray to God to show me truth and test the rotten preachers in the back pockets of politicians, and what it warns of, and its very close I believe. ] Free your mind and do not brush off some watchmen as ‘conspiracy theorists” but research what they warn of.

    There has never been a time in history like this. I guess that is the best way I can describe it. All the old “isms” have failed. Most Americans do not realize what is really coming. It is scary stuff, I could not handle it without God.

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