A Word For The Obama-Hating Liberals:

I remember reading a blog put out by supposed liberals in Pennsylvania where the bloggers were threatening to vote for the McCain/Palin ticket. I assumed this was a bunch of neocon operatives, since by that time it was obvious what we were seeing with the seemingly presidential Obama and the off-kilter Palin (And the questionableness of McCain for picking her. As I had explained frequently in the real world, I respected that McCain would pick someone like her, what I couldn’t respect was that he picked HER.).

Now, more recently, I’ve seen a few more blogs which claim to be liberal and hate Obama. I’m not going to doubt their liberal credentials. Instead I’m going to try to explain, in plain language, why their candidate (Mrs. Clinton) didn’t win the election:

  • If I remember right, she was about to be coronated the Democratic Candidate when she declared herself a candidate. In short, it was hers to lose.
  • She didn’t seen to have a steady message, but tried out stuff to see what would stick. I especially noticed this towards the end, when McCain talked about a “Gas Tax Holiday” and Hillary readily agreed that that would be a good idea. Obama nuked that idea clearly in time for the Indiana primary (“Twenty-two dollars. A half a tank of gas.”).
  • I don’t remember the racism remarks from the Obama-ites aimed towards the Clintonians. I also don’t remember anything aimed at Obama-ites by the Clintonian I DO remember reading a couple of essays by white women talking about how “those poor little white men will have to choose someone not like them. poor little things…BWAHAHAHAHA.” These same women would, a few months later, yell at white men for “not choosing the proper candidate,” a code phrase for charging us with sexism. (To which I say, if you wish to belittle us to begin with, don’t expect to need our votes for your plans. Or did you feminist columnists forget that already? Mind you, I’d like Obama to remember that in relation to the Republicans…)
  • And while it was true that Obama wasn’t necessarily tested (and I remember thinking it was good that he got good experience along for his ride, a thought I’m now considering as mistaken for various reasons) I remember that Hillary was Tested AND FAILED THE TESTS! If I remember right, Health Care was her responsibility and she messed it up big time. Indeed, she was part of the reason that Bill Clinton became one of the most successful Neocon presidents in the past twenty-eight years.

In short we had good reasons NOT to pick Clinton. She had the nomination and didn’t sew it up, she didn’t have a solid message (Gore? Kerry? Dukakis? Et Tu, Hillary?), She had failed before and We didn’t like the results of her failures. The mocking didn’t directly relate, but I’m sure it had its effect of many men.

And so we have Obama as president.

Deal with it, for once.


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