Has The Human Race Finally Hit Its Planetary Carrying Capacity?

Watching the people in this nation go nuts on the Age of Consent Laws and the glorification of Cougars, a thought entered my mind:

Has The Human Race Finally Hit Its Planetary Carrying Capacity?

Think of it: Japan and Europe are losing population. So is Russia (although for different reasons). The United States and Canada have grown mainly by importing people. China’s suffering from an extreme shortage of women (or is it an extreme excess of men) and is about to drop into a decline as there are way fewer children than parents or grandparents. India is seeing the extreme anti-female biases in certain northern provinces (where ALL female babies are killed and the wives are imported – to their shame – to the provinces) spread all over the continent. And in certain areas of Africa, HIV and AIDS has become so great that some countries are in triage mode (all the while little girls and babies are being raped for their “curative powers”).

And what are WE doing? Making girls at their peak fertility years forbidden to all but the youngest of men (and with a ticking time bomb hanging over their heads, as well) while sexualizing women who should be taking care of children and women whom would seem to be too old to bear healthy children (the older the woman is, the more likely she’ll bear children with chromosomal problems and other physical issues. Check out the studies). Not only that, but the idea that we should be lusting after other people’s mothers (Got MILF, anyone?) can be a bit disturbing. Sure, their puppies get bigger during pregnancy, but them things are that way FOR A REASON BY THAT POINT!

The point being, the human race is trying NOT to breed. In some societies, that’s being done by getting rid of the girls, in other places it’s by shifting the subjects of desire to an older and older range; and other places it’s done by brute force and trauma.

Which COULD mean that, at some level, the human race has figured that there’s too many people on the earth and is trying to shrink its numbers by itself. It could also mean that we’re reacting unknowingly to the overload (as I’m sure some of the fruit fly populations in the jars tried doing on occasion; it just happened too fast for a successful change).

Nothing I’m willing to say for a fact, but some thoughts that keep re-occurring in my head.

One thought on “Has The Human Race Finally Hit Its Planetary Carrying Capacity?

  1. Think about this, you live in Calcutta or China, they see for themselves the crowding everyday, like rats in a cage, this is not a “over there” concept but something they are living everyday. So wonder they inherently see the “girls” as a threat, since they bring forth babies, and more numbers. I had a relative go to China, and he said it was so crowded and so polluted, he thought he was going to go insane. Nature does have its self-corrective qualities. The people I find insane, are the anti-contraception crowd, {I understand being against abortion, but contraception, is insanity}, don’t forget the Catholic Pope pushes that around the third world, even Africa, where some of the rates of AIDS is nearing 40%. Overall though scripturally in the last days, the Bible speaks of people not wanting children, and those days are here now because of the crowding, because of the rigors of everyday life, modern or otherwise, because of the evil [the breakdown of family and economic life] that has overtaken this planet.

    Luk 23:29 For, behold, the days are coming, in the which they shall say, Blessed [are] the barren, and the wombs that never bare, and the paps which never gave suck.

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