Update On a Blog Post I Made About Older Women Seducing Teenage Boys

First, a link to the original posting in which I comment on why I believed women “seducers” were being treated differently than men “seducers.”

It’s actually quite old for a blog post – over three and a half years old. Since then, quite a few new adult women/teenaged boys stories have popped up all over the internet, both news items and comments. And the picture is becoming familiar.

Like: The women who can do serial boys, do. They may not yet get up to hundreds or thousands, but it’s not from trying – for that you need to be able to put together a harem, and men’s egos make it rather hard for them to willingly put up with each other for a moment with the alpha female.

Like: Not every boy is willing. While I’m not one who believes that a stiffie means a man want’s to *&@# a woman (sometimes it happens for no reason, sometimes a man needs to piss and the stiffie adds pipe length to help hold it in a few more minutes, sometimes we get stiff AGAINST our wishes, etc.), there’s still the issue of the willingness of the boy. Remember, we’re talking about a society that shames people who don’t jump at the chance to fixate on someone of the opposite sex (or at least someone who seems to want it…).

Like: Boys know enough to keep silent, especially if you choose carefully. Indeed, one of the more interesting thing about the postings is how many people kept their conquests/”conquests” (depending on whom you talk to, let’s not forget) quiet. Not like you’d want your favorite teacher/cougar/older-hottie to get in trouble and cut off your access to her, after all…,

Basically, it seems the major difference is that women haven’t been in a position to be sexually demanding without punishment, shame AND ostracization until recently.  And I believe that the change has something to do with the sexualization of older women which has been happening over the past twenty years.

Think of it: if you’re going to raise the nationwide de facto age of consent to eighteen (including the demonizing of relationships between those a couple years separate when they cross that age), you gotta eroticize SOMEONE. And if a twenty-four year old man who’s making something of himself can’t woo a sixteen year old with the idea of making her his helpmeet and wife (I suggest you look through your own family tree, I’m sure you’ll find women who married at a younger age to older men), might as well give him the thirty-four year old divorcee whose peak breeding years have passed her by and thus may be more of a carefree lay in the hay (if they’re not panicking because they keep hearing a “tick tick tick” in their loins).

Of course, that leaves our precious boys open to seduction by older, sexually needy women. (Mostly) women still in their reproductive prime, may I add….

Maybe we should remove our assumption of women as pure until soiled by contact by men. Then we’d have to deal with these issues in a better way than by panicking over a rising age of consent that threatens to remake us into an Islamic nation without the religious comforts of conversion.

(More later, on what I think is REALLY happening here. And it’s not something people are talking about EXCEPT for those who wish to deny it.)


2 thoughts on “Update On a Blog Post I Made About Older Women Seducing Teenage Boys

  1. I think its gross, how these older women go after younger boys. I suppose it is a “power” thing, they are not search for their equal, but doing what men used to do, when a powerful richer older man would seek after a younger woman in her 20s [around his daughter’s age]. You do not see many impoverished, unhealthy COUGARS after all. It is the same phenomenon in reverse.

  2. Oh wanted to add this, you are right about them going insane about the age of consent laws, when people used to marry and even have children at that age. Arresting an 18 year old for sleeping with a 16 and half year old, and making him a lifelong “sex offender” serves no societal interest. It is insane.

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