What Detroit Should Have Understood Sometime In The Mid-Eighties:

It’s kind of sad. I would not be shocked to find out that the Obama GM/Chrysler “Rescue (yeah,right)” plan was a sting set up so the creditors of the car companies get all their stuff while the Stockholders get nothing and the Unions get EVERYTHING (retirement and insurance, as well as other things) LOOTED from their coffers. And I would not be surprised if the voice of America would be a moment of Celebration.

But worries and smartass comments aside: While listening to NPR following the news of Wagoner’s ouster by Obama, I heard that people in Detroit didn’t understand why everyone hated Detroit.

Now…pause a moment and consider that.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Now; my comment as a GM son who’ll end up going down with this ship (And I expect it to go down. Suicide? Nah, a matter of extreme loyalty and a remembrance of my past.):

GM and Chrysler, Listen Up:

You’ve been putting out crappy cars for what the public sees as the past forty years or so. You learned to put out crap, pass the buck and blame your customers for stuff you did (or didn’t do). And you did so while under pressure from Japan, Europe and South Korea.

All this time, you’ve always shot for the least common denominator. Your stuff was always less economical than the Japanese stuff, less fun than the European stuff, less stylish than even the South Korean Stuff; and often worse quality than the whole (outside of a few aberrations, like Buick and Mercury). You had your moment in the sun in the nineties with the SUV boom, but you chose to profit lazily from it and when that passed you guys were unable to respond.

And now you’re asking for help. All the while proving again and again that you STILL DON’T GET IT!

Well guess what: You had forty years to fix your cars and your image. You could have at least learn what Ford did with their issues with the Ford Focus: Fix things, get them right and keep up with it. You also had forty years to learn how to put out small cars and keep them out there despite their seeming inability to make you money (Not like you made money off your other cars…never was an industry so dependent on its lending arms to make money as the Automobile Industry was.).

But instead you sat by, let things fall apart and tried to profit off the remains.

And what have we got left? The Minivan Leader (Chrysler) doesn’t have a car that a Consumers Union tester would choose over walking. And GM keeps finding ways to piss off its remaining steady clients (look up “Piston Knock GM” in a search engine, or better yet follow this link to the website). GM can’t even get its headroom issues right; the cars you import for sale fit tall people better than the cars you make.

Is it any wonder people would rather throw money at AIG and Citicorp than you? AIG has to work hard to look like they’re wasting taxpayer money to get people angry; all you have to do is show up!

And I’ll tell you why that is: Sometimes people just get enough of something, and they leave it behind. People will wade through issue after issue trying to hold onto a love they remember; once they give up on that love there is no going back, as you now have an enemy. And once you make enough enemies, it becomes impossible to redeem one’s self.

And you’ve made enough enemies over the years that you’ve pretty much become a backwater company for those who either don’t know of any alternative or have been in some way compensated for their loyalty. And I know of no company (okay, I know one company; and they live on despite the hatred) that survives on monies given to them by their employees or sales force alone.

Hear that roar? It’s the masses of Americans cheering over your coming demise! They’d rather buy Tatas from India and Cherys from China than buy your offerings. You’ve wrecked too many relationships, burned too many bridges and made too much crap for the nation to forgive you! They’d rather watch you die EVEN WHEN THEY KNOW THEY’RE NEXT than have you survive to make another car – that’s how strong the hatred is.

Just a voice in the wilderness. One who’s listened to other voices while in said wilderness.

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