Right Now We’re Talking About a Big Game of Chicken

So what’s going on with the right and their slaves in the media? It seems that all I hear about is How Obama Is Wrecking Our Economy and How Obama Is Wrecking Our Foreign Policy and Obama Is Waging A Class War and  Obama Is Out To Rape Our Babies (And Abort The Unborn That Come About). And you can tell he’s really threatening everyone because even the “liberal drive-by media” is joining in the criticism.

Here’s my guess: We’re seeing a big game of Chicken, where the rich are, behind the scenes, doing everything to scare the greatest portion of the nation shitless in order to mess up Obama’s time in office. Amazing that the stock market starts its massive drop-off in October, when it becomes obvious to all but the most-eager-to-keep-their-heads-in-the-sand that Obama was going to win the election.

It reminds me very much of one story I read (a short story, not one that covered 1000+ pages in 6 Point Eyestrain Font) where a manager decided to strike and shut down the machinery in the factory he ran. I remember quite a few details about the story (It made products out of steel and iron, the workers flooded the market with garbage cans on the first day of the strike, the Union Leader’s name was Torkleston or something like that (and it’s assumed he’s overmonied and undereducated, seeing as the workers earn the same amount of wages after Union Dues than what they would have earned without the union), and in the end the workers beg the manager for their jobs back (and kill Mr. Torkleston as proof of their contriteness, I’m guessing).) but don’t remember the Author’s name at all.

My guess is this is what the right wants: We suffer for four years, then beg the right back. They take over, then proceed to finally fix things so that there’s no thought of a return to the mixed economies of the fifties through seventies, but only a system where the workers thankfully give their excess monies (and their necessary monies) to their bosses, who are given life-and-death powers over their employees. The United States is turned into a company town along the lines of the old mining towns in West Virginia before they were unionized. Leftists and left-leaning peoples are killed off, not by the army but by an army of self-armed citizens desperate to curry favor with the boss class. Classes become castes, complete with a philosophy (new-age stuff refitted for a now-officially rigid class/caste system) that views the poor as unworthy of anything but slavish service in various forms.

Thing is, at this point I’d rather die than fall into that sort of system.

May I suggest something for the liberals who read this blog: learn to shoot guns, own a gun or two. At the very least, it’s time to make the upcoming slavery-system work hard; maybe the people will figure out a way to fight and defeat the rich.

But I’ll tell you this much: Obama can’t do it alone. Right now he’s just a target waiting for the 9 milligram injection to be done by some idiot looking for glory.


2 thoughts on “Right Now We’re Talking About a Big Game of Chicken

  1. The Right and their slaves in the media?? You mean CNN; ABC; CBS; NBC; MSNBC; New York Slime; Washington Compost: NPR; Bollywood; Newsweek? Don’t be coy; be specific.
    List the slavish toadies for the Right. Then you might get some respect.

  2. You’ve named a few of them right off the bat, although you’ve confused them as slaves of the left:

    ABC was always the most conservative of the big three networks before FOX came in. They still have a strong conservative tilt, and the ABC Talk Radio Network brings that conservatism into the radio realm.
    CBS has been dismantled as a news corporation, and was actually in talks to have CNN take over their news duties. May yet happen. Katie Couric was an ugly gamble, if they wanted a woman anchor CBS should have stayed in-house.
    NBC and MSNBC have drifted rightward, and CNBC has been lockstep with Limbaugh in trying to make people panic.
    And CNN? Let’s just say when they go so far as to bring up gun owner rights in their hunt for thing people hate Obama for, you know it’s over the whole of the visual media (Wasn’t CNN the pinko network once?).

    The New York Times is economically conservative, socially liberal. I count the Economic Portion, as it’s the economics that runs this country (otherwise “W” would have bought about the passage of death sentences for abortion providers no matter how far back the abortions were done).
    Since you hate Washington papers, let’s bring in the Washington Times. Run at a constant loss by Sung Yung Moon, they’re the one who brought us Ann Coulter and eventually made her out to be one of the more mild-mannered essayists.
    Newsweek has been a bit overconcerned with the right wing’s present “marginalization” to count as the liberal Newsmagazine that they used to be.
    Follywood? (I suppose you wished to smear the Movie industry. Leave India’s version out of it) Let’s just say that only people who concern themselves with them are the extreme right-wingers. Everyone else considers the source and discounts Hollywood’s attempts at politics as entertainment.

    NPR is more middle of the road. Just because there’s a liberal on the board doesn’t mean they goosestep to Alinsky, Marx and Guvera.

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