Steroids 3: Pain, anyone? Injuries, perhaps?

While catching up on Tony Mandarich, I found out that not only was he was now admitting that he did Steroids at MSU, but he was also doing other drugs. Painkiller type drugs, and plenty of them.

Now of course, we can be cynical about all this: Tony’s coming out only because the silence of the Steroid users is coming to an end. People who once kept silent are now singing, so the world’s second most obvious steroid freak might as well come out.

However, I find it interesting that he felt the need to take the painkillers and alcohol so much that it made his life in Green Bay a living hell. And part of me wonders whether his decision to take Steroids was what led him to do alcohol and painkillers.

Seriously: With Steriods, HGH and Extra Testosterone, we’re talking about a decision to extend your muscles and reactions further than your body was meant to handle them, and in a way that cannot be kept up without outside intervention. Meanwhile your muscles are doing what they weren’t meant to do at the time, and in a way that you weren’t meant to handle.

And what do you get? Pain…and injuries.

Think of it: Bonds may have bludgeoned his way in three years from 500 to 700 home runs, but the rest of the way was an injury-laidened long march complete with the last few homers coming after weeks of absolute rest.

And it’s amazing that Canseco may have had enough power to come close to hall-of-fame numbers, but we’re talking about someone who was injured so much and badly for much of his career. I can’t help wondering if he would have lasted as long (or longer) without the juice. Sure, he might have been a journeyman (or an AAAA player) for his time, but I can see it as a longer time than what happened, and probably injury-free for that time as well.

And Wood and Prior…one has to wonder about them, with their constant habit of getting injured. And we know about Corky Sosa, of course (since one form of cheating wasn’t enough).

(As for my thoughts on Mandarich admitting his steroid usage during college, I believe part of it is because he can. Never mind his ability to play for three years in Indianapolis, but he now has a photography business which I’m guessing is successful enough so that he no longer has to define himself by football…and stare down the fact that he got his millions through dishonest means that he couldn’t keep up. He can now say “I’m beyond that, I can admit to stuff.” Stuff that failures are forced to hide.)

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