Again, a Very Good Super Bowl

First, some of the side-issues:

Jennifer Hudson’s National Anthem was WONDERFUL!  The last time I had such a positive view of it was Jewel’s version at San Diego (Jewel’s was serviceable, but it was good and I happened to like how she hit that high note a bit softer than the rest. It gave me the impression that she had figured out what it would cost to hit the note and hit it anyway).

The commercials were okay, with the Doritos commercials being the better ones. Budweiser did their usual strong slate, and Coke actually did a version that did wonderful visually.

Bruce Springsteen did good. Interesting that he ended up cutting out the middle verses of songs, doing a Verse-Chorus-Bridge-Verse-Chorus format for the songs.

And the game…strong enough overall. Threatened to become a runaway in the second half, but Arizona did everything to recover, even come back. Pittsburgh, however, had enough in the tank to go to victory, and can even make a claim to have done so DESPITE the referees.

Number 92 for the Steelers better get the MVP award. Without that run/jog/stagger to the end zone, Pittsburgh would likely have lost the game.


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