Finally, Immortality . . . shudder

So the Detroit Puddytats have finally gone 0-16. Perfection, of the worst sort.

And yes, I rooted for it. One shouldn’t root for 0-16, but then one shouldn’t be put into the position of choosing whether to root for or against 0-16 in the first place.

And we’re talking about a sports team that has been pretty much been run in place for years. A championship calibur team became a second-to-legend team (Green Bay Packers) became a decent team that couldn’t beat an upstart (Minnesota Vikings) that became a middle-of-the-pack team with problems dealing with Tampa Bay that became a team that teased (yes, Barry was THAT GOOD!) to a bottom-feeder. We take good players and turn them to rejects, we take coaches and turn them into rejects, we take schemes and prove their flaws for the rest of the NFL to see and profit from.

During the second world war, Detroit and three other teams (one a combination of two others) went winless in the next two years; three other teams (two of them expansion teams) went winless between then and now. Of these winless teams, only the Saints could be said to have been habitually bad.

Meanwhile the Cardinals have made it to the Playoffs. Whether they end up winning any games or not, they will for a moment be able to separate themselves from the curse of being the team that’s gone longest without a championship (if nothing else, because they still have a chance).

As for the issue of the Bobby Layne Curse, even if said curse is over it’s going to take time for things to change. In a team that isn’t an expansion team or decimated by war, we’re talking about what can amount to intentional badness (They don’t mean to be bad, but their actions seem to add up to said badness). Even if they were to change things around, it would take time for the team, its management and the fans to understand and root for a team that had become good after years of active sucking.

So…I’ll celebrate the badness. I might as well celebrate SOMETHING.


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