And Now, As The Lions Stare Down Infamy

That’s right, by the end of this Sunday the Lions could easily be 0-16. Probably the ultimate embarrassment for a pro football team, since we’re not talking about an expansion team given the dregs of yesterday (Tampa Bay, 1976-77) or draining by the dogs of war (Detroit Lions and the Pittsburgh/Philadelphia Steagles, 1942).

Now I’ll admit that no same fan of the team should root for any team to go winless. You shouldn’t hope for anyone to suffer such a traumatic set of events.

However, we’re talking about The Lions, a Team that doesn’t seem to have even tried to be good at times. A team owned by someone who was given the team so he would leave his hands off the Ford Motor Company! A team that intentionally built a stadium smaller than their last venue. A team that can’t even sell out that stadium anymore.

We’re also talking about the issue of attention. If someone doesn’t get good attention, they’ll seek out bad attention just to get some. Problem with this explanation is that losing sucks; right now a 1-15 record would be such a relief over a 0-16 and the relative invisibility would be blessed peace. Even the 1976 Bucanneers feel pity for the Lions.

I know that 0-16 T-shirts would make for some interesting post-christmas gifts.

And finally, one hopes that even William Clay Ford would feel embarrassed enough after such an ugly season to finally work at fixing things. Fact is, even such teams as Dallas and Miami have gone 1-15; the reason they’re not listed in the Canonical List of Bad Teams(tm) is that those records are seen as transition points to better times. Dallas won three Super Bowls after their 1-15 season, while Miami has recovered mightily from last year to this.

So…despite my better knowledge and judgement, I’m rooting for a Detroit Loss. Something better change soon, and if it takes ultimate shame to cause the change, I’ll accept that ultimate shame.


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