Things I Have To Be Thankful For This Christmas

To be honest I very much hate Christmas. I hadn’t liked Christmas since 1985, and off and on hate has welled up since 1988, when I saw a couple of Christmas releases in the middle of AUGUST! However, with things about to get worse (And things WILL get worse before they get better…IF they get better…), I figured I’d better put together a list of things I can be thankful for for this holiday season JUST IN CASE all that were to disappear before the next year passed.

  • That I Have a Job
    With people losing their jobs all over…white collar as well as blue. Many others are looking for work and not finding anything, and my boss told me a lot of people were applying at his place, trying to unretire. Meanwhile General Motors, Ford and Chrysler are rushing closer to bankruptcy with a gallery of idiots nationwide hoping, praying and cheering for that to happen, never mind that not even Toyota, Honda or Volkswagen want the American Big 3 to go under.
  • That I Have a Home
    When you hear about central California suffering from a West Nile Virus because of all the undrained pools, and you see all the houses in Gary going for “500 down, 300/month” (like anyone who didn’t have to would want to move there…but that’s me, and I could always change if I need to) and you see subdivision sites sit empty for two years with a grand total of ONE new house built during that time, you sit in your house and thank God you can argue with your housemate about how warm the house should be.
  • That I Can Still Write
    I’m still doing this, although not nearly as often as I once did. I’m also writing the occasional poem and have found some more local venues to read at. If nothing else, things are now looking up locally.
  • That Things Haven’t Fallen Apart Yet
    Society’s still going in. Gas is still being sold, and cheaper than it should be sold. I’m still being paid (there are places where the “Work Ethic” is so good that they work without being paid), and the future can still be planned for (even though life can best be defined as “What happens while you’re making plans.”). It’s a cold winter already, but then winters are supposed to be cold. Life goes on.
  • Other Things Which Haven’t Shown Up In My Head Yet.

Anyway, happy holidays. Hope things go on, at least in some ways.


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