Rod Blagojevich Finally Charged With Rampant Corruption

First heard the news as I was going to work. Heard snippets until about 2pm when I realized what was going on.

Has a sexless orgasm. (It’s where you feel a sudden release of tension throughout your body, without the nudity, the other person and the actual shooting out of juice.).

I’ve disliked this clown since the first days of his governorship. I’ve watched as this guy has ground Illinois governance to a halt. I’ve watched his arrogance grow to where it knows no bounds. I’ve watched budgeting become impossible next door (I live in Lake County, in Indiana). I’ve watch this guy grandstand with money NOBODY has, never mind the concept of “Everybody Else’s Money” that taxes have been darkly painted with. And meanwhile this guy’s been trying to remake Illinois into his personal fiefdom, making the state spin its wheels for his benefit.

And now, even as people were watching him, he attempted to SELL the Senate Seat that Obama left when he became the President-Elect. Meanwhile he threatens to close down a hospital because someone from there refused to give him money, and another bill sits on his desk awaiting a donation.

But now his world has fallen around him…and I’m gleeful!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

But only so gleeful.

You see, we’ve just lived through what’s become nearly thirty years of Neocon Triumph. What I’m talking about is this:

  1. Government is evil
  2. Government is therefore unnecessary
  3. Only private profit can hone anything to its most useful best use
  4. Therefore, anything that can must be transferred to private for-profit hands; otherwise it must be made so ugly that it’s abandoned.

Sadly, the Democrats have been taken over by NeoCons in the governorships. Both Illinois and Michigan have become totallty frozen thanks to Democrats who have made it their job to gum up the works for their glory.

Meanwhile the state I live in (Indiana) seems to be working. It’s getting its roads fixed, it’s considering mass transit, and the places fighting it are (sadly) Democratic Urban Areas, especially in Northwest Indiana.

The same seems to be happening in California. There we have an (admittedly moderate) Republican Governor who sits over a state with massive defecits, yet they’re able to vote on and vote for such forward-thinking items as statewide high-speed rail service. Something that states elsewhere seem to be stuck in analysis paralysis (looking at stuff they want but don’t want to pay for) about.

Think of it: Twenty-Eight years of NeoCon ascendancy, and we get folks in the Democratic Party who do their job better than THEY can.

To put it straight, the Democratic Party needs to be fixed, and soon…otherwise people may say “They beat up on us, but we get something in return.” and turn to their enemies (the party of the Corporations and the “I Want My Sound Bite, don’t worry about follow-up” Christians) for someone to vote.

Because I want that bastard out…but I also want someone willing to do stuff, even if its hand-in-hand with their opponents. And at least Reagan was willing to deal when it made sense to.


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