More thoughts about this past election:

I remember 1992 as probably the most exciting election in my lifetime (1968 was probably better, but I don’t remember that far back). You had three contenders for the Presidency, with the third person (Perot) getting a lot of attention for his run. I remember going down East Shaw Lane before that debate with some Clinton staff and watching all the students standing on both sides of the road, watching me (amongst other cars) driving down that road. I remember seeing Ross Perot doing his speech  at the Michigan Capitol Building and thinking his speech lacked substance (a hunch that proved right, as his abortive pullout happened hours later at the Lansing Airport). And I remember driving around during Election Day, watching all the people rallying at the Capitol and other places.

So what happened? Clinton “wasted” his early efforts, first on Gays in the Military (let’s just say they were better treated when they had to closet themselves), then on a health care insurance system that seemed built to collapse. Two years later he found himself a minority party president, and got lucky that the new Republican Majority tried a putsch instead of trying to make him out as an obstructionist by passing bills Clinton would have vetoed. In the end Clinton had better be happy to be known for a few blowjobs.

Now, there’s a lot of people who’ve invested a lot of psychic capital into President-Elect Obama. And while I cannot begrudge them their happiness (I was happy Clinton won in 1992), I will warn them to hold a part of themselves back. If Obama proved unable to lead the nation (or the nation’s problems proved intractible) a lot of people would be disappointed…especially if, after four years, he was unable to run again (or lose the election to a revived Republican party).

Understand this: Shrub Jr. holds more power over this nation NOW than Clinton had at any time after election day 1994. This despite poor ratings, a majority of Democrats in both houses in Congress and an economy that’s so bad the term “Crappy” would be too cheery a word for it. Hopefully Obama (and the Democrats in Congress) will be able to change things around, but for now I’ll take any change that makes things better.

I’ve been disappointed before. So I’ll watch (and hope).


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