The Election (2008)

As you know by now, Barak Obama has won the 2008 presidential election. McCain gave a pretty good concession speech (Sorry, but there’s something about the words “I Lost,” no matter how said, that mars a speech. Nothing against the speech-maker, just against the speech).

More interesting this time around is how much wider Obama appeal really is.

In 2004, you could have sheared off small portions of many blue states and made them into Red States without wrecking the integrity of the rest of the state. I was even able to do this with four states that were Safely Blue (Kerry won by over 10%):

2004 Blue State Area Removed to Turn State Red
Illinois City of Chicago (not even the whole of Cook County)
Maryland Counties Bordering DC (Prince George’s and Montgomery Counties)
New York New York City (Including  Staten Island) and Long Island (Nassau and Suffolk Counties)
Washington King County (City of Seattle and surroundings)

And this year? Maybe this could work for the city of Chicago, but the other three states removing the above-mentioned locations still leaves a Blue State. The Democratic majorities are much greater, more statewide.

In a way, this is much better. One thing I hated seeing was just how isolated all the Democratic areas were in 2000 and 2004. Now they’re still islands, but at least there’s more of them and they’re the majority this time around.


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