MSU over Michigan in all standings

MSU Downs Michigan, 35-21

Seven years since the last victory over Michigan, nine since one without a controversy.

Eighteen years since the last victory in Ann Arbor, 24 years (at least) since a nondebateable victory there.

First time in thirty-one years that Michigan State will above Michigan NO MATTER THE MEASUREMENT (in-conference, out-of-conference) at the end of the year.

Yeah, I had doubts. I had to; when it seems that victories end up costing more than they’re worth (Both 1990 and 2001 were preludes to long-term collapses) and the Maize (I want to say Golden) “M” seems to hold more magic within it than the whole of Spartania past and present, it seems logical that the Michigan name would carry the football team to victory. After all, 1990 saw a game where (According to the U of M Radio Announcer, so don’t blame me for this) “Michigan State outplayed Michigan, and U of M had better be thankful they even had the chance to win that game” AND Michigan could still have pulled the game out of the fire of defeat (onside kick was successful, the hail mary wasn’t). More recently, Michigan State had a ten point lead which was evaporated quickly in the end for one of the recent six-in-a row by Michigan.

So no, you don’t take it for granted. Even after the interception with two minutes to play; that ball may pop back out (thanks to one of yours) and be handed back to the Maize and Blue (which happened!). There was the possibility that the Maize and Blue would score again, onside kick successfully and bomb it back to the TD zone to pull it out in overtime (or score two for the win); that this didn’t happen is more a relief than joy.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Just so you know, the pleasure is already fading. The money worries of the next week are already crowding in, plus I’m growing sleepy enough to end the posting now. Plus there’s too much needing to be done tomorrow for me to relax.

So…see ya later. The election is coming, other thought may intrude.


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