I Remember When I-94 Used To Be Merely Backed Up!

When I first moved into the Northwest Indiana area ten years ago (it’s getting near that date) I had grown used to I-80/94 backing up anywhere from near Calumet Avenue (thank goodness for the merge in/out lane) to past the Indiana Toll Road. Eventually people could make it through, if they stuck on it long enough.

Then they rebuilt the road. It was expanded to four lanes between Broadway and I-294, and they even made the section underneath the intersection four lanes. So now the road rarely backs up.

Only now it closes.

It closed for a few days last year. That time they said some bit of machinery didn’t work the way it was supposed to, and I-80/94 became flooded because of it.

This year the closing has grown so bad that the blockages have expanded. This time I-65 north from US 24 has been closed down for traffic control. All because a dike broke near Kennedy Avenue.

I don’t know about you, but I remember a road that almost never closed. Now we’re talking about a road that closes down every other year, it seems.

Something is VERY wrong.


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