Love the VP Candidates!

This presidential primary “season” (if you can call a 1 1/2 year trudge a season) has been most interesting. The Democrats have actually had to choose between two candidates whom they loved (none of them white males, by the way) and the Republicans have for once had to settle for “whom do we think we can with with” (a situation which the Democrats have had to deal with too many times since 1984). And while the sadness from the Hillary supporters on the Democratic side is palpable, it’s probably one of the happier problems I’ve seen the party have.

And now we have our vice presidential candidates:

  • Obama chooses Senator Joe Biden. Knowing his weaknesses, Obama chooses a man who complements him with strength where his weaknesses lie. Yes, a drop in potential power, but the two would be better together.
  • McCain chooses Governor Sarah Palin. A woman from probably the most unique state in the union, she not only shores up the religious right’s support but adds some serious eye candy to the ticket. Not only that, but the issue of her daughter’s pregnancy has actually given her cache amongst the Republican faithful (and for good reason: I’ve seen similar actions from other Fundamentalist Christians. They may want the world to end soon, but they’re not about to abandon their wayward daughters.).

In the world of VPs, this is the best of all worlds so far. For once both candidates aren’t trying to cover geographical ground but instead adding true complements to themselves. Both selections were very much proactive selections that sought to improve their chances for election in ways that didn’t have to do with staid, safe selections that were calculated to protect themselves from possible assassination attempts.

And yes, I’m being a lookist in reference to Sarah Palin. She IS hot. I’d jump her bones in a minute; even going so far as to risk discovery. Besides, Dan Quayle was a looker himself, and was also chosen by a moderate Republican for his Right-leaning views. However, such was his bearing that he was a weight on George H.W. Bush; while Bush was able to win it was Despite him, not necessarily because of him.

I don’t think Sarah will turn voters off. At least amongst the faithful (Although if Sarah’s Daughter Palin bears a child with Down’s Syndrome, it’s going to get REALLY interesting – Down’s Syndrome usually hits older women who try to bear children well after normal women stop bearing children).

And I’m actually amped up about this presidential campaign. Only the 1992 Campaign was more of a high for me (and just so you know, Ross Perot was a vital part of the electricity of that election).


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