Just Desubscribed from the New York Times…

NYT Changes Story As Blogger Is Reading It!

Yes, I’ve heard the constant drumbeating of the neo-con right. Didn’t do anything.

Then I heard about how news standards were dropping, both with the dropping number of newspaper and the shrinking newshole. Again, the neo-con right seems to do the complaining.

Then I heard the left. The same people who make a point of cohabiting with Faux News because “everyone knows it ain’t news.” Everyone, that is, except a group movers and shakers who run Fox News, and millions of people who use Fox News to get their information.

But there comes a time when there’s enough stuff coming at you that you end up not being able to fully trust the information, even for informational purposes.

One case was with the 2004 CBS “revealing” of the proof that Bush was allowed to skip his service, using papers that were obviously forged to the point that even the Audience couldn’t believe what Dan Rather was saying. Never mind that they tried to fly this bit of news in 2000 and failed to get their desired response (mainly because Gore decided he’d rather not become president if it meant he owed the Blacks).

So where’s CBS News now? About to be outsourced to CNN. While creative enough to try out something new with Katie Couric, the resulting reputation of CBS News from Dan Rather’s tenure (who inhereted a news program with a stellar reputation which was able to stop wars) was so bad that even Katie Couric’s appearance couldn’t stop the free-fall (it may have sped it up as she was seen as the expert of fluff during her years at NBC).

So what’s the issue with the New York Times? Simple: you’re a newspaper. Even on the web, you’re expected to put out stuff meant to be permenant. Changing a news item after posting is a definite breach of protocol, something that brings doubt upon people.

Just ask CBS News.

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