Been a bit busy lately…

Started a new job.

Actually a turbo version of the old job. Instead of waiting for my client to come to my van, I go inside the house and pick up the patient. Even move said patient when he/she needs to be moved.

And I do fewer of said trips. And more paperwork, even with the fewer trips.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I figure it’s better that I spend the time learning the stuff than blogging about things.

So things will slow down on this blog – indeed they already have. However, I can see myself going back to posting, indeed posting on a regular schedule once I figure out what the work schedule is.

I still have at least one/two posting for my “Is America Going Feudal” series, as well as some further stuff on General Motors and some other items I’ve been thinking of for a while.


One thought on “Been a bit busy lately…

  1. Good luck at the new job. I am glad there is someone to help disabled get in and out of house, I have heard too many nightmare stories of disabled friends who have been left on the doorstop who can barely walk.

    As for America becoming feudal nation, its going to happen and middle class is going to be gone. How many Americans are even paying attention to what is going on? The system has done the job well of seperating individuals who could commiserate and discuss their circumstances. Coming from a small town, where economics was a censored topic from the powers that be, [they fired even a newspaper editor for daring to lightly touch the subject] as the place collapsed, I’ve seen this in real life. They act as though history could never repeat itself with the banks failing, they do not realize the FDIC only holds enough funds to cover 1.2% of all bank accounts in the USA.

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